Parliament: the government raising the issue of removing Iraq from Chapter VII in the summit

Monday, March 26, 2012 07:27

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / … for the deputy national parliamentary bloc and the need to put the Iraqi issue at the meeting of the Arab Summit to be held in the twenty-ninth of this month, He called the delegation negotiating pressure on the Kuwaiti side to extinguish Iraqi burdened compensation withers Iraqi to be used in the orientation of serving Iraq and Iraqis.

The MP said the bloc Ahmed Jubouri in a special statement / Baghdadiya News / “The agenda of the Arab summit goes a lot of issues that are of the most important issues, explaining there are.. five paragraphs concerning the upheaval spring Arab and Palestinian cause and the Syrian issue, and what vision of the truth to get out of its crisis to well as issues related to the structuring of the Arab League. ”

“We also hope the delegation of the Iraqi government put the Iraqi issue strongly and that there will be the adoption of a clear to put the problems so as to push forward the political process, in addition to that there will be adopting remove Iraq from the pain of international sanctions, calling on the delegation pressure on the heads of the kings of the Arabs by clicking on the Kuwaiti side compensation to extinguish the Iraqi-Kuwaiti which burdened the Iraqi withers to be used in the orientation of serving Iraq and Iraqis. “/ Finished / 21 /