Parliament: Customs require two years to start the application of customs tariff

Parliament: Customs require two years to start the application of customs tariff

Sunday, July 29, 2012 15:45

[Baghdad – where]

Request of the Director General of Customs Munther Abdel Amir to postpone the application of customs tariff in Iraq for two years.

A member of the Investment Committee and the economy broadly parliamentary Abdul-Abbas, told all of Iraq [where] that “the Commission held a meeting last Wednesday with Director General of Customs Abdul Amir Munzer in addition to the number of representatives of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers. ”

He added that “the Commission showed that the patient in the application of the law of customs tariff, which was scheduled to be implemented in the first of July, the current constitutional violation because it is initiated by the House of Representatives is supposed to be applied, and wait on it must be through the law.”

He said broadly that “the government to wait on many reasons have been discussing this matter with the Director General of Customs, including the lack of complete control over all border crossing points, especially in the province of Kurdistan.”

And that, “pointed out that in the absence of applied to all border crossing points, it will not work as it would be hit points and benefit other parties and thus will not achieve the desired goal of the application of customs tariff in addition to the absence of a global system in all the border crossings so that it works automatically and will not be allowed to cross any documents and this is radical Mataml Customs Service to use it at all border crossing points. ”

He said broadly that “the Director General of Customs has asked for two years until the completion of all preparations logistics, technical, administrative and financial terms will begin setting up a specialized system for the detection of goods and documents in addition to the appointment of staff concerned and which needs to be about 5000 thousands of employees.”

He stressed that “this matter back to the Committee and to the House of Representatives and will be presented for first read in one of the meetings of the Council.” Ended 2
Source: alliraqnews