Open lines of dialogue between the political parties

Open lines of dialogue between the political parties   Talabani’s trip begins treatment .. And al-Maliki confirms: able to resolve the crisis   revealed the political sources familiar with the “morning” that the parties meetings of Erbil, Najaf has already begun to think of resorting to the option of questioning the government, after failing in the provision of 163 signatures and over-confidence, as I stood 3 signatures of only about achieve this, despite the decision by sending an explanatory letter to President Jalal Talabani.   This comes at a time when the new Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki invited the political parties to sit at the table of dialogue, in a presidential statement announced that the President will soon begin a journey to the treatment outside the country. middle of this picture, he decided the National Alliance open lines of dialogue with all the political blocs to resolve the crisis. the prime minister said in a statement received “morning,” a copy of it: “We have demonstrated the challenges and the nature of the positions and developments that have passed in recent weeks that the only way to overcome the challenges that we faced or that lie ahead in the future is resorting to the Constitution and follow the mechanisms and not to circumvent it.   “Maliki said that” what is done by the President of the Republic of mind to this aspect as required by the responsible protector of the Constitution has the effect it is important to cross this stage and cemented the democratic experiment and make it more coherent. “The Office of President of the Republic issued a statement yesterday confirming that “the Committee mandated by the President checks have received 160 signatures of MPs from the coalition in Iraq and a coalition of Kurdish forces and the mass of the Liberals and the number of independents, and later added them to a list of number of members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). Later, the 11 of the signatories of the former House of Representatives to inform the Office of the President to withdraw their signatures, while two other deputies asked, “hang” Toukieihma.   “The statement noted that he” sought to bring out these details to prevent any hearsay about the position of President of the Republic, and to reaffirm its commitment to the Basic Law. Here we must also note that the circulation of the names said to have been candidates for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers is an explicit violation of the provisions of Rule 61 VIII D of the Constitution, which empowers the President of this right in accordance with what is contained in Article 76 of the Basic Law. “   and Article 61 VIII D of the Constitution as follows: “d in the case of a vote of no confidence from the Cabinet as a whole, continues to head the Council of Ministers and the Ministers in office for the conduct of daily affairs, for a period not exceeding thirty days, until the formation of new cabinet in accordance with the provisions of Article (76) of this the Constitution. “and increased the statement by saying:” It was President Talabani planning a trip treatments earlier this month, but the impact of delayed pending verification of the topic signatures and the quorum, and after they were found so the his trip will be in next week. “It is said that the votes of no confidence of the government should reach 163 votes and over, according to the text of the Constitution. in turn, stressed the President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, “The Alliance is determined to proceed in the way of mutual dialogue and invest all the political opportunities constructive, to address all the problems at hand, and to maintain national achievements” .   In Arbil, agreed the outskirts of consultation meetings yesterday to “continue to mobilize the forces of parliamentary to face the phenomenon of control and monopolize the management of the government,” as she put it. And decided these parties, according to a statement, the guiding explanatory letter to the President of the Republic is emphasized where the validity of signatures of the House and the adequacy of the required number constitutionally to withdraw confidence. However, informed political sources revealed the “morning” for a trend in the outskirts of consultation meetings to question the prime minister after failing to persuade the President to submit a request to withdraw confidence from the government. In the meantime, denied the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and Rhode state calls from the factions of the Mahdi Army to prepare and prepare. and the transfer of the office of Mr. Sadr as saying in response to a question to him about what is being said by his call for members of the Mahdi Army to prepare and get ready: “I did not say it will not tell.”  the right decision,   either the President of the Islamic Supreme Council, Mr. Ammar Hakim has stressed that “dialogue only way to resolve the political crisis,” noting that the right decision at the correct time is to achieve the correct results.   the center of this picture, MP for the coalition of state law Hussein net “morning” for the determination of the National Alliance open lines of dialogue with the rest of the parties in accordance with the Constitution and the law as it works to strengthen the state and hold negligent. as leader of the Islamic Dawa Party, Walid al-Hilli: “The meeting of the national will put many reforms,” noting that “Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will present these reforms at the meeting in order to accelerate the delivery of services to citizens and walk a few things. “In the same vein, he declared that the National Alliance MP Abdul-Hussein Abtan,” The National Alliance will begin to send more positive messages to the other parties to create a state of harmony. “