Oil and Gas Commission: The oil and gas law effects the Constitution and is the cause of political crises

Exposed to oil and gas committee in the House of Representatives, Friday, its claim to speed up the approval of oil and gas law, the law usually Balakhtr after the Iraqi constitution.

A member of the Commission on oil and gas parliamentary Mchkta denominator for ” Twilight News “, the meeting of the Commission on oil and gas, the latter was the insistence on the claim to speed up passage of the law of oil and gas.”

He added that “there is no law of oil and gas led to the emergence of the recent political crises.”

Mchkta promised oil and gas law “the most dangerous after the Iraqi Constitution, because it regulates the largest sector of the national revenue, which constitute 95 percent of the revenue budget.”

And that “the Kurdistan Region has a gripping an earlier agreement between the government and the province if it does not pass oil law in 05.13.2007 are entitled to both parties to conclude oil contracts.”

“The draft law of 2007 was the only consensus that the National Alliance withdrew from the meeting for the reading of the President of the Council in the past did not stop the House of Representatives Bahdha first reading of the law.”

The Commission on oil and energy parliamentary mentioned, earlier, she would move to the two draft law of oil and gas to be presented to the House of Representatives for discussion after the legislative recess.

The Iraqi cabinet approved a draft law of oil and gas in 2007 but faced objections Cordillera, where is the Government of the Territory that the draft law, however, focus the powers of the Federal Government in the management of oil wealth at the expense of the region and the provinces.

Since approval of the Iraqi Constitution, such as oil and gas law the most outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, which is no less important for the leaders of the Kurds on Article 140 of the Constitution.