No Reform Is Possible, No Change..Without Fighting Corruption

No Reform Is Possible, No Change..Without Fighting Corruption

03/13/2022 | 3:34 PM

No Reform Is Possible No Change..Without Fighting CorruptionRaed Fahmy.

And the fight against corruption should not be limited to holding the corrupt accountable, and dismantling and uprooting their networks that permeate all the joints of the state in collusion with the lords of money in the private sector, but it should extend to eliminating the factors of its production, and to changing the political and administrative environment that embraces it in the state and its various authorities.

In light of the experience of governance since 2003, there is no longer a need to present more arguments, evidence and proofs, on the reality of the organic link between the quota approach and corruption.

And as the crisis of electing the President of the Republic continues and the issue of appointing the largest bloc and forming a government continues, it should not be lost sight of and public awareness in the abyss of conflict over people, the main and essential link in seeking to extricate Iraq from the cycle of crises, and to advance the living and service reality of the country and the citizen, represented by In bringing about an executive authority that adopts a clear program, accompanied by a commitment to implement practical measures and timelines to secure the conditions and requirements of state reform, and enable it to extend its sovereignty and ability to enforce the law, end the phenomenon of uncontrolled arms outside the state and its legitimate institutions, and adopt an economic and social development policy.

These conditions will not be achieved under a quota consensus government that reproduces the existing system of governance, with some superficial amendments that do not affect the essential factors of the crisis, foremost of which is the quota approach.