Newspaper: the Green Zone in Baghdad has turned into a ghost town

21/02/2012 12:15

Green Zone, nawchai sawz, sawzBeirut, February 21 (AKnews) – turned into the Green Zone in central Baghdad, set up by U.S. forces, the area was a center it was also known as the international zone into a ghost town, and after that took place recently under the full control of the Iraqi government, according to what was concluded by the newspaper “Washington Post” campaign.   In this context, the paper said the U.S. that “the army and Iraqi police recently raided the offices of private security companies that were operating inside the country and urged the institutions and businesses that were based upon to change their places.”  the newspaper quoted the President of the International Association for Stability Operations Doug Brooks, a trade group representing foreign companies and non-profit organizations in Iraq as saying “We have achieved a win-win situation where it is impossible to them about staying there … which was the reason for the transformation of the international zone to the region of Iraq and the increasing isolation as a result of that.”   and covers an area that is located on the banks of the Tigris River, an area of about 5 square miles, an area dominated by gray than green, where there is a mix of government buildings and homes that cut wide streets and narrow alleyways and palm trees. It is worth mentioning that “the United States began with 

the beginning of 2009 in transfer supervision of the area to the Iraqi government, with the enjoyment of the country’s position more secure. ”   
She drew the newspaper that the Iraqi authorities began last spring in the inspection of security companies. and indicated “the presence of major parts of the Iraqi government there, including the Prime Minister’s Office Nuri al-Maliki as well as the parliament building.  also live within the region many senior Iraqi officials, where they go to and from their homes, fortified by convoys of armed, and by the fourth night, the roads are free, except for police and soldiers who are deployed in the corners of the place.  the paper quoted the owner of company “Hentrland Travel “British Geoff Han as saying that” this raises insanity, especially among Americans. ” The paper said that “the Iraqi government have their causes in this regard from the standpoint of security. At a time to draw the Ali al-Moussawi, a spokesman for al-Maliki that he must “take into account the security measures note that the region has become safer over the last three months.”  The Times concluded at the end of its report that “the reduction of business activity there may send the wrong message to international companies , which may consider whether it will come to Iraq or not. ”   From: Khalil al-Khalil, the Open: Peace Baghdadi