Newspaper questioned the usefulness of waiting for sanctions affected Iran and Iraq

Newspaper questioned the usefulness of waiting for sanctions affected Iran and Iraq cites the model

12/07/2012 09:49

Beirut, July 12 (Rn) – questioned the newspaper “Washington Post” the U.S. into the feasibility of the bet to wait in order to affect Western sanctions on the oil sector, Iran to force Tehran to return to the negotiating table again and make additional concessions, noting in this context to the international sanctions were imposed on Iraq under the regime of President Saddam Hussein. The newspaper said the U.S. “It seems that the makers of Western policy, strengthening their success in reducing Iran’s oil exports, they have a desire to give sanctions more time to bear fruit.” but that the newspaper was considered in article analysis that “the evidence suggests that the impact of sanctions on oil exports will not increase over time.” The newspaper pointed out that “It is true that Iran’s oil exports have fallen from 2.5 million barrels to 1.5 million barrels a day, but this low level is negligible, where Iran remains one of the largest oil exporters in the world, and earn it billions of hard currency. ” She also noted that “there is no indication that the decline in income has hindered Iran’s nuclear program, which raises the ire of the West.” In addition, the paper said the U.S. that Iran “is enriching uranium faster and at higher levels than ever before,” adding that “if it appears that any party needs to make concessions, is a collection of the five permanent members + 1 (the United States, Britain, China, France, Russia and Germany) as these States abandoned its demands that Iran stop enrichment is fully in favor of retaining only the enrichment at a low level. ” Besides, the newspaper said the U.S. “The historical evidence does not indicate that the impact of sanctions on the system increases over time,” noting in this context several examples, including Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and North Korea at the present time.She explained that these regulations “has the flexibility to enable it to continue for a long time in the face of sanctions, and even adapt and get around.” and concluded, “Washington Post” to say that the “assurances policymakers Westerners that there is a time to pay penalties fruit-like situation rider in the race Marathon says that has a lot of time to finish the race .. there may be a time, but failure that accompanied the last round of talks, despite growing pressure on Iran indicates that we also have a long way to reach the desired goal. ” from: Khalil Khalil.Open: Abdullah Sabri

Source: aknews