Newspaper: Meet Obama, Netanyahu did not achieve convergence on the option of attacking Iran

07/03/2012 14:55

Obama & NetanyahuBeirut, March 7 / March (AKnews) – A newspaper “Washington Post” the American position of the United States and Israel’s nuclear program, came to a dead end where the failed visit of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to change the position of President Barack Obama to focus on work diplomatic and not to be drawn into the war option. After The newspaper said the U.S. for a split in views and positions between Tel Aviv and Washington on the option of a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, said that Netanyahu’s government claims the need to deter Tehran, not only from developing a nuclear bomb, but also possess the capacity to from the realization that step.The newspaper said the U.S. desire to the Israeli side not to allow Tehran to engage in what it called “zone of immunity”, which would keep the Iranian nuclear installations immune and free from any Israeli attack, adding that Netanyahu refuses to accept a situation does not allow Israel to “control its own destiny” independently .   While the newspaper said Ballqa who collect Awapma and Netanyahu two days ago, said that the meeting was dashed the hopes of Israeli Prime Minister to adopt Obama openly circumstances and considerations under which Washington will direct a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.  and made ​​it clear that despite the fact that Obama may occur extensively on the extent of Iran’s development of nuclear weapons on U.S. national security, but he did not announce the position advanced or different from its consistent position that “all options are still on the table.” The newspaper concluded by saying that do not resort Netanyahu government to decide unilaterally on military strike against Tehran, will open the way for both the United States and its allies in the west to check the readiness of the Iranian side to make concessions during another round of negotiations in this regard and is expected to take place by next spring.  of: Khalil Khalil, RN peace Baghdadi