Newspaper: Israel is a nuclear-weapon and not Iran

06/03/2012 12:57

Beirut, March 6 / March (Rn) – newspaper criticized the “Los Angeles Times,” the U.S. of leading Israeli Benny Morris, who called for attacking Iran, wondering who is a greater threat in the region, where Israel is possessing nuclear weapons. Having raised American newspaper question Next, “Why should Israel fear of a nuclear state in the neighborhood? addressed the remarks Israeli historian Benny Morris’s call to launch an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities through the use of conventional weapons. the paper quoted criticism for remarks Morris, including that it was Israel that has nuclear bomb which represents the greatest threat to global peace and security, and there was no need to remain Israel living under the fear factor that Tehran would use a nuclear bomb against them or against the United States or elsewhere. The newspaper reported that Morris says in return that he did not negotiate nor diplomacy nor sanctions have succeeded in prevent Iran from going ahead with the ambitions of its nuclear program, noting that if not to prevent Iran and stop a military from seeking nuclear weapons, they soon will have nuclear weapons in the near future, and pose a threat to the security of the region and the world. also reminds Morris that Israel different from Iran, which threatened to destroy Israel, he said, adding that when Israel was attacked by the Egyptian and Syrian forces in 1973, they did not use nuclear weapons, which is owned by more than forty years. as justification of the Israeli position on Iran, saying that he did not demand the use of arms nuclear bombing of Iran’s nuclear facilities, but it called for the destruction of these facilities by the use of conventional weapons. Morris also used the argument that Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons, will lead to a nuclear arms race will begin soon in the region as a whole. of Khalil Khalil, RN LLC