Newspaper: Israel has decided to secrecy about the possible steps on Iran

04/03/2012 20:06

Obama & Netanyahu

Beirut, March 4 / March (Rn) – spoke of the newspaper “The Washington Times,” the U.S. for a new political Israel decided to follow a reticence about its intentions toward Iran and its nuclear program, even before the United States. On the eve of the upcoming meeting between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said U.S. newspaper to silence Israel about Iran, probably makes Obama is confused about what he might do the Israelis. In an editorial, considered the Washington Times that “Israel will not reach the United States or consult with them in case you decide bombing Iranian nuclear facilities, and senior Israeli officials told their American counterparts that they will not give Washington any advance warnings before any possible military attack against Tehran. “The newspaper pointed out the U.S., “Israel’s goal as being to rid the U.S. of any reactions that may result from the repercussions of any Israeli attack against Iran, in order for show Israel look solely responsible for its decision. ” but the paper noted that “the Iranians will be convinced that the United States is not involved in any Israeli attack against the positions of the Iranian nuclear program.” the newspaper quoted Netanyahu as saying he was “aware that Washington would not support any action taken by the Tel Aviv against Tehran, hence, there is no need to tell Americans to any Israeli plans possible, because to tell them about it does not provide nor delayed. “The paper pointed to comments by Deputy U.S. National Security Advisor Anthony Blinken said, “Iran has not decided to build nuclear weapons and that it was not about to produce weapons nuclear and that there is still enough time to activate negotiations and to find diplomatic solutions possible for the Iranian nuclear crisis. ” Khalil Khalil, RN Joseph Karwan