Newspaper: America has become convinced that the departure of al-Maliki

Newspaper: America has become convinced that the departure of al-Maliki
04:34:12 / 06/2012

Khandan – a newspaper reported “policy,” the Kuwaiti newspaper on Tuesday that U.S. Vice President Joe Biden arrived at the conviction that Maliki needs to go to support the Syrian regime and queued along with Iran, and the rapid developments in Syria towards the near collapse of the regime of Bashar al-Assad had to United States to stand with the moves aimed to withdraw confidence from the current Iraqi Prime Minister.

The newspaper quoted the Kuwaiti Massadraracah as saying that “the reasons adduced by the U.S. administration regarding the change of the reasons that Maliki is not adopted by the Iraqi political parties, but this difference is not important as long as the aim and one which is to change this man.”

The newspaper “policy” for some of the leaks to the effect that Biden told some Iraqi leaders that he will come to Arbil and Baghdad, but al-Maliki refused to visit him at this time, he also considered going the Vice President to Arbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region as a message of support implied, to the position of Barzani and Allawi.

The newspaper quoted the Kuwaiti information on the sources of the Sadrist movement, on the failure of al-Maliki in order to meet an Iranian – American of understanding between the two countries to support his stay in the position of prime minister of Iraq during the International Meeting 5 + 1 and Iran, which was held recently in Baghdad, and that Biden was the most prominent opponents of this meeting and on this basis, al-Maliki felt great concern of the U.S. position changed it.

Source: xendan