New U.S. Ambassador in Iraq charged with sexual messages might cancel his candidacy for the post!

New U.S. Ambassador in Iraq charged with sexual messages might cancel his candidacy for the post!

Saturday June 9, 2012

Follow-up – and babysit –U.S. Congress announced it may reconsider the installation of the diplomat who was appointed by Barack Obama’s ambassador to the United States in Iraq because of e-mails suspicious letter to the press and sent copies to Congress.

A source in the Congress confirming press reports, said Burt Macgork former member of the administration of George W. Bush, sent e-mails to the press in the Wall Street Journal in 2008 was in Iraq, where he tried to Astmaltha offer of a way that blends the humor diligent, informed of the confidential information.

According to press information that the letters sent by the press Macgork to have been delivered to Congress last week. It includes Tmahaat nationality.

This has become a journalist at a later wife of such diplomacy.

A number of representatives expressed their resentment on this issue.Including Republican Senator James Ainehov of the Foreign Affairs Committee, who canceled a meeting scheduled with the diplomat.

Referring to the issue of e-mails, said adviser representative that “Senator Ainehov still prefer to meet candidates in person before giving them support. In regard to this candidate, contoured Senator Ainehov note of the issues of concern, and what did not solve these problems, it will not meet Macgork” .

The spokeswoman declined and the U.S. State Department, Victoria Nuland Friday to comment on the e-mails “between Macgork and the woman who later became his wife.”

Noland added that the Iraqi file Macgork expert “has the full specifications to serve as ambassador and call upon the Senate to move quickly in order to install it.”

And, if proven Macgork, would be the first president of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Iraq since the withdrawal of U.S. forces. He was now running up the post of adviser to the current ambassador in Iraq, James Jeffrey, who was appointed by Obama in June 2010.

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Source: alrayy