Najafi is the Convention on the abolition of Irbil to the political process back to square one

Date: Thursday, 04/05/2012 10:14

 Baghdad / Majid flood 
after the throes of a long, came Agreement Erbil to put an end to the vacuum, which was due to not win any of the blocks including position to form a majority government, and became the present Convention cornerstone in the political process, despite the faltering application of its provisions also indicate the Iraqi List,

While expressing the components of many of the National Alliance that most of the terms of the agreement have been… applied except for the position of the Policy Board, which considers the rule of law inconsistent with the Constitution.

In the end, the leader of the Iraqi List, giving up this position, and with the recent repercussions that produced a split new and clear, is not the National Congress, and then enter the political process in a new tunnel, there may come a fear this time from the laxity of the Convention on Arbil, and thus return to the zero point as indicated in the more than one observer, Dr. Hamid Fadel, a political science professor at Baghdad University, said in an interview with (range) yesterday that the agreement of Erbil and also show evidence has become in the eyes of some, and signed by the rule of the past, and said Fadel, “The convening of the Conference or the lack thereof has no effect on anything, and that the two conflicting parties seemed obvious to the observer and are also of the loser and winner in not in session, the Conference or not to apply the Convention Erbil, Valaracah is the big loser, and the government, specifically the rule of law is the big winner in this “and the reference can return it now, and can be agreement Erbil is this reference said Fadel” In theory, reference is the Constitution, but in practice the Convention on the Erbil is the reference which formed the government, and perhaps the areas of soft in the body of this agreement that there is a material that is compatible with the Constitution, and other material not agree with him, so compatibility is a compromise between them.  
and seal Fadel his speech by saying that there is no constitutional text indicates that the received positions of the security ministries of the share of this component or the other, as well as the Policy Board was in agreement Erbil as an addendum which is unconstitutional, and that this case puts the Iraqi in a position of weakness, not in the event allowed to put in place the conditions, as the scales of power are, however, the rule of law and Maliki specifically. ” 
 on the other hand the President of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi told a news conference held at the House of Representatives attended by the correspondent term on Wednesday that “the abolition of the Convention Erbil means to return to zero and a new beginning for the process political, and that this would be a danger to Iraq and that he should proceed to complete the items in addition to agreeing on what a post-American withdrawal from the country, “adding that” the agreement Erbil is the basis on which government was formed on the basis of and the real reforms for all authorities and install the justice and the abolition of This agreement will lead to the country’s return to the starting point and creates problems will not be endured Iraq. ” 
The Nujaifi that “the completion of judicial institutions Kalmgma Federal believe it will solve a lot of flaws in the political process and that the parliament is keen to legislation all laws in this direction,” noting that “Reply of the Federal Court of some of the laws and violated them is a natural right.” 
He explained that “there is another kind of competition between the legislative and executive branches on a number of laws concerning the integrity and control, and the House of Representatives is the only party that determines the form of laws and not the other.” 
He Najafi that “the Constitution is the basis for building the state institutions of the civilian character, but there are some opinions in certain articles of the current constitution, especially since the article [240] which stated explicitly and proved the right to amend the constitution after four months of the legislation, but we emphasize that Iraq today and in the light passing phase transition after 2003 and after the American withdrawal can not be replaced by the political consensus in the management of the state along with the Constitution. ” 
He pointed out that “there are some laws broken that need to be a political consensus for approval, including oil and gas law and the law of the Federal Court and that any law submit it no other authority will not be decided by without Amrarh to Parliament, discuss and develop amendments by the House of Representatives based on the views of many and by political visions. ” 
and on the response of the Federal Court to certain laws, he explained Nujaifi that “the response of this court to some of the laws is a natural right to law and that there is competition between the three authorities on the legislation of laws, but keep the House of Representatives his authority legislative, regulatory, constitutional is determined the legislation of laws ” 
and added that “the continued political differences impede the legislation of laws and the work of parliamentary committees and the continuing differences reflected negatively on the work of the Council and its committees,” noting “it is nevertheless The Council could in the past year legislation 80 law in the way of legislation 100 the law after it reached its final stages. ” 
and his question on the amendment of certain paragraphs of the law of the financial budget of the State for the 2012 Old Parliament Speaker said, “that there is no amendment to the Budget Law 2012 has been approved in the House of Representatives and the Presidency of the Republic and published in the Official Gazette, although there are proposals to amend certain paragraphs of the financial budget provided some of the political blocs in Parliament, but there has been no amendment to the budget and it became effective. “