Muqtada al-Sadr addresses the independent representatives with a long message and offers them “space” to run the country with the majority government

Muqtada al-Sadr addresses the independent representatives with a long message and offers them “space” to run the country with the majority government

2022-03-21 09:20

Muqtada al-Sadr addresses the independent representatives with a long message and offers them space to run the country with the majority governmentShafaq News/ Today, Monday, the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, singled out the “independent” members of the Iraqi parliament with a long message, offering them “space” to run the country in the majority government.

Al-Sadr said in his message, which was published today, and seen by Shafak News Agency, that “everyone has become suspicious of the parties that participated in the political process since the fall to this day, especially those who do not belong to those parties or support them from the independent or neutral popular classes.” , indicating that “the current political process was the result of that, and resulted in many independent representatives in the House of Representatives, and the shrinking of many parties, especially at the (Shiite) level and in southern Iraq.”

He added that “consensual governments rolled over the country and did not benefit Iraq and the Iraqis, but it can be said that they harmed him year after year, as some claim,” explaining that “the reason for that is (consensus) or previous consensual governments and what happened in them of sharing the cake and the like. “.

Al-Sadr continued, saying, “In the previous process, we tried not to share the cake with them, and that did not work, and today we see that we must get out of the neck of (consensus) into the space of the majority and from the neck of sectarianism to the space of patriotism, which is – I mean the formation of a national majority government.”

He stressed that “it is an experiment that must be conducted to prove its success or not, perhaps it will be the beginning of advancing the bitter reality that our beloved country is going through in all respects and a challenge to external pressures against our beloved country.”

In his call to the “independent” members of Parliament, Al-Sadr said, “I call upon the respected and patriotic independent MPs to take a stand of glory, honor and dignity in order to save the country and rid it of the remnants of corruption, terrorism, occupation, normalization and dissolution by assigning them to the parliamentary session in which the President of the Republic is voted on. And not to obstruct it with the obstructing third, which is the result of encouragement and intimidation.”

He stressed, “We need a brave stand from you, and if you do not trust me or (the Sadrist bloc), we will give you space to run the country, if you find your ranks and stay away from temptations and threats.”

He explained, “You should know that when I demand a national majority government, I do not want it to strike opponents, because I do not consider any Iraqi to be my adversary. Rather, what I want most is the benefit of the country and the people and the guidance of every offender, and punishing them is only for their own good and the public interest, not sarcasm or pleasure.” That “the clearest evidence is to punish the corrupt who belong to or are affiliated with us.”

Al-Sadr also said, “I did not ask for reform to be evil or blasphemous, but rather to reform my country and benefit my people so that their status and the dignity of the oppressed people would be rooted,” explaining that “such political attempts are better than the use of violence or even extremist protests that have harmed the country and people for a long time.”

He continued, “My brothers in the Iraqi parliament from independent blocs or independent representatives, come to the last opportunity for us and for you. If we succeed, the nation and the people will benefit, and if we fail, as I said, I will announce that with full mouth and openness of heart and without any hesitation. I have nothing but to follow the truth and stay away from Falsehood,” warning that “there are those who are trying to drag Iraq into the furnace of wars and clashes, and to destroy the fair democratic process.”

Al-Sadr concluded his message by saying, “Whoever hears from you and does not support us, he does not have the right to reprimand us later or file accusations against us.