Moussawi: High Commission of Iraq – Kuwait will start work mid-April next .. and the outstanding issues will be resolved shortly standard

On: Saturday 03/17/2012 10:42

Baghdad (news) .. His media adviser to Prime Minister Ali al-Moussawi said the Iraqi High – Kuwait will start work mid-April next, calling for political blocs to contribute to the success of the negotiations that took place between the two sides being the cause of nation and citizenship, not personal to the Prime Minister. 
Al-Moussawi said in a statement (of the Agency news) said on Saturday: that the Supreme Iraqi – Kuwaiti joint committees, which have been formed during the visit of Prime Minister and his accompanying delegation, will start its work in mid-April / April next, as will delegations exchange visits and work continuously to finish the outstanding issues. 
He pointed out: that the Committees would end all the files shortly standard by what has been agreed, stressing that the Kuwaitis said that they with the need to finish the outstanding issues and began a period of special relations between the two countries. 
called media adviser to Prime Minister: political blocs Brasaúha and its members to support Tm_khas visit Kuwait and the success of the negotiations of through statements that affirm the existence of political discourse, the common, indicating that the negotiations with Kuwait and its success is not success for the government or the person of Prime Minister, but for Iraq and its people, it is of interest to the citizen and the nation more than the government, also called al-Musawi and the media to focus and work professionally in this case. 
The al-Musawi : The Prime Minister will brief his ministers at a meeting of the Council on the visit, and in turn, would be transferred to their respective Groups details of the visit, and the political blocs were represented during the visit, in one private meetings between the Prime Minister and the Emir of Kuwait, there was the presence of the Minister of Finance the leader of the Iraqi List, Rafie al-Issawi, Minister of Transport Hadi Amery only, two of the led the negotiations on the airline, and this is proof that all parties participate in the visit. 
and reached Iraq and Kuwait to the understandings on the settlement of the debt of Iraqi Airways to stop the Kuwaiti side lawsuits and legal claims on the company and the Iraqi assets 
were also discuss the issue of freedom of navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah and cooperation to ensure the rights of the parties through the management of common and not to damage the interests of both sides. / End / 1. n.