Minister of Planning: Iraqi per capita income rose from 100 to 4 thousand dollars per year

Minister of Planning: Iraqi per capita income rose from 100 to 4 thousand dollars per year   BAGHDAD / JD / .. Minister of Planning Ali Yousef Shukri said Iraq has seen a clear improvement on the economic level after the rate has increased annual per capita income of $100 to four thousand dollars a year.   He said in a speech during his participation at the UN summit on Sustainable Development held in Brazil for the period from 20 to 22 June, with the participation of more than 140 heads of state and Prime Minister and the Minister as well as representatives of civil society organizations in the world: that Iraq has achieved within a few years past successes mission on the road to sustainable development in various sectors.   He explained: On the economic level increased annual per capita income of about $100 to about four thousand dollars a year and unemployment has fallen from (28%) in 2004 to (11%) in 2011. And: that poverty levels declined and increased significantly the proportion of the services of the population to water and sanitation has been the situation in Iraq plan to address the problem of electricity during the next two years and treated many of the problems of water pollution, air and soil by using cleaner technologies environmentally were rational use of water for agriculture to cope with the shortage of water received from of the upper Tigris and Euphrates.   He said Shukri the attention of Iraqis since the dawn of history the development of legal rules governing their environment and frame of the rational use of their resources, especially agricultural, including perhaps the Code of Hammurabi, which is the first written law in human history is a prime example of the attention of the Iraqis early environment and development as the development of Hammurabi sentences on each of neglected maintenance branches of the Tigris and Euphrates, which are used for agriculture, also stipulated that one of the rules of law stated that the cultivated land a year and leaves another year and that the Iraqi veterans are the first to develop foundations for urban planning and the distribution of events and which are based on the distribution system the public streets, which is still structure is the foundation for the organization of cities.   He pointed out that going into Iraq in the war for three decades by the policies of the former regime had returned to low levels in the area of interest to the principle of sustainable development as a result of focusing efforts on securing military machine so out of Iraq exhausted economically, socially and deteriorated elements of his environment to very low levels.   He continued after the change in 2003, although efforts have focused in recent years on the process of rebuilding the ravaged war and international embargo on Iraq and the security conditions that accompanied the transition in 2003, but the government did not ignore the importance of rebuilding the infrastructure environment and make the environment a cornerstone fundamental pillars of development in the National Development Plan 2007 – 2010 In the poverty alleviation strategy, which was launched in 2009.   He and Minister of Planning for Iraq’s desire that this conference passes for good help in correcting the erroneous paths of development over the past decades and the consequent degradation of our planet and threatens the safety of the security to live in it.   He said that Iraq is calling for the restoration to reaffirm the principle of Colossus of common but differentiated responsibilities, and meet the advanced countries (countries of Annex I of the Kyoto Protocol) obligations to developing countries, including transition to a green economy and reduce carbon emissions and financial support for climate fund green and through the provision of technical assistance and financial and technology transfer, capacity building and facilitating the mechanisms to achieve this, in order to secure the capacity of developing countries to achieve sustainable development .