Member of the cluster white in Wasit: Kuwait key to solving the problems in Iraq

 3.17.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) – 

(news)welcomed the member of the Iraqi bloc white in Wasit Ghazanfar watermelon to visit al-Maliki of Kuwait, noting that Kuwait is the key to solving Iraq’s problems.The melon (of the Agency news) on Saturday: We welcome the visit of Prime Minister of the State of Kuwait, we promise Kuwait is Muftaj resolve all the problems in Iraq.He added: We want the younger generation’s new and younger leaders in Iraq to open up prospects for cooperation with Kuwait, pointing out that there is abuse of a negative was with the State of Kuwait since time leader Abdul Karim Kassem, and we, today, to remove the tensions between the two countries, while maintaining the interests of Iraq.He explained: that if Iraq was able to restore its relations with Kuwait, there will be significant progress in all areas, pointing out that the opening of relations with all Arab and foreign countries to embrace the logical solution for Iraq, its Arab and regional levels.