Maliki: Iraqi government made strides in achieving national reconciliation

Thursday, March 29, 2012 13:17

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. announced by Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday, the government has made great strides in achieving national reconciliation In the country, calling on Arab countries suffer from differences in political, sectarian and ethnic diversity to benefit from the experience of reconciliation in Iraq.

Maliki said in a speech during the opening of the twenty-third session of the Conference of the Arab summit in Baghdad, “The Iraqi government has made… great strides in achieving national reconciliation in the country and he is continuing to complete this project,” noting that “the reconciliation was stronger than the arms in the face of terrorism, which was a the country. “

Maliki said that “the experience of national reconciliation in Iraq deserve to be a model in the Arab world, especially in countries with disorders in which the differences between the components,” asserting that “the theory of one-party rule of intelligence fell completely in the region.” / Finished / 21 / a. P