Maliki calls for early elections to contain the political crisis

Erbil, June 27 (Rn) – Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Wednesday, to conduct early elections in the country at a time when critics to question him in the House of Representatives in preparation to launch no-confidence vote for him.

It seems that Maliki’s call to indicate he felt threatened by the success of the efforts of his political opponents to withdraw his confidence in the parliament after he did not succeed through a request made to the Presidency of the Republic.

According to the political blocs that seek to withdraw confidence from Maliki’s coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan and the Sadr movement said the prime minister heading the country towards dictatorship through his control of the sensitive positions and not to respond to the demands of its partners.

Maliki said in a statement issued by his office the media “when the other party refuses to sit at the negotiating table and insists on the policy of raising successive crises, he found himself obliged to call for early elections be the word of the Chapter for the Iraqi people.”

Article 62 of the Iraqi Constitution that the House of Representatives resolved by an absolute majority of its members at the request of a third of its members, or a request from the Prime Minister and approval of the President of the Republic, may not be dissolved during the period of questioning of the Prime Minister.

The statement added, “Out of concern is certain to develop the political process and strengthen the democratic experiment, the Prime Minister renews call for dialogue based on the Constitution and the reforms in all state institutions, particularly the three powers.”

And complete-Maliki, saying “with our deep belief that the legislative authority, which gives legitimacy to the rest of the authorities need to reform movement quick and strong and that the government will strongly support these reforms and is committed to including approved the constitution in the control and accountability of the Government to be accountable is far from politically motivated.”

The Iraqi List, which is the most prominent critics of the policy-Maliki has alluded more than once to call for early elections after he said that al-Maliki Disclaimer on the implementation of agreements signed in Erbil, which paved the way for formation of the government in late 2010.