Mahmoud Othman: America put pressure on Gulf states to attend the Arab summit, Saudi Arabia, especially for a new relationship with Iraq

On: Tuesday 3/6/2012 9:27

Baghdad (news) .. The MP said the / Kurdistan Alliance bloc / Mahmoud Othman said that the United States is pressing for the time being on the Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia to cooperate with Iraq to the success of the Arab summit at the very least. 
Othman confirmed in a statement to the Agency (news) said on Tuesday: the side U.S. compressor now on the Gulf states including Saudi Arabia to cooperate with Iraq and its participation in the Arab summit in order to make it a success and that the very least, an application for the United States from the Gulf states to cooperate with Iraq. 
Othman explained: that Saudi Arabia is aware of the conflict a sectarian coming to the area after the events of Syria It is therefore possible that the Sunni community in the party and Shiites in the other party, as well as Turkey and Iran from the other party, so Saudi Arabia want Iraq to change its position on Syria and that is not supporting her, noting that Saudi Arabia is now working toward topple the Syrian regime, and you want that Iraq was not in favor of At least that does not have an opponent and if it could the dimensions of Iraq from Iran, this is another important aspect, noting that the United States and parties to other Gulf working to reduce Iranian influence in Iraq by making Iraq to have relations with Iran less and therefore would be more with Saudi Arabia. 
He said: that the effects and minimize makes this party wants to drag Iraq for good and the other party wants to drag Iraq to be valid, so you must maintain a balance by bias Iraq to another party the other party Maah or against him, and continued: It is not easy for the government to maintenance of the stick from the center in this period, because if the Iraqis agree, and the blocks are consistent and have the position of an external one could agree but if you stayed this Alchda known they can not at all. 
The Iraqi Interior Ministry announced on Wednesday (March 29 2012) on the agreement with Saudi Arabia on a new phase of security cooperation in the fight against the terrorism and drug smuggling across the border, while confirming that the Iraqi delegation headed by Minister of Justice will visit Riyadh soon to discuss issues related to the file of the exchange of prisoners and convicts 
and announced, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, on February 21, 2012, that Saudi Arabia has appointed an ambassador to Iraq, to restore full diplomatic ties between the the two countries in a move is the first since the severance of diplomatic relations after the invasion of Saddam Hussein’s regime of Kuwait in August 1990, where taken Riyadh tough stance of the system at that time and became a base for gathering the multinational forces, which consisted of more than 30 nations to liberate Kuwait. 
In spite of attempts Saddam’s regime to restore relations with Riyadh, which seemed more pronounced in the 2002 Beirut summit meeting Iraqi Vice President Izzat al-Duri with Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, who was then crown prince, but the intention of the United States to attack Iraq and topple Saddam caused the failure of any effort to bring the relationship between the two countries. 
After the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime in April 2003, relations have been any positive development, but experienced tension almost continuously on charges of Riyadh for the Iraqi government of sectarianism and accusations of Iraqi politicians Shiites of Saudi Arabia to support acts of violence in the country during the past years, and that does not work the opening of the Iraqi embassy in 2007 and set Ghanem Jumaili ambassador in Riyadh after two years, to restore normal relations. / Finished / 3. n.