Low inflation indicators for Iraq in the month of June

revealed the Ministry of Planning reported a decline in new indicators of inflation during the month of June compared with the month of May the previous year.

The ministry said in a press statement that the inflation index dropped by (2 percent) during the month of June compared with May, who had witnessed a decline by ( 1.3 percent) compared to April 2012 The ministry attributed the causes of this decline to the continuing decline in food prices across Iraq, especially prices of fruits and vegetables where prices fell by this section (4.6 percent) during the month of June,

the statement added .. The indicators Altaatdkhm annual for the period from June 2011 until June 2012 increased by (5.8 percent) .. Explaining that the Central Bureau of Statistics of the Ministry completed the inflation report for the month of June 2012, prepared on the basis of field data collection “on the prices of goods and services comprising the consumer basket of a selected sample of outlets in all governorates of Iraq, 2007 and could report showed indicators indices of consumer prices at the level of Iraq , which amounted to the general index of consumer prices (137.7 percent) in the month of June 2012, a decline by 2.1 percent from the Alshahralsabak and increased by 5.8 percent compared with June 2011 and the results showed by section the following as the communications department recorded prices in Iraq, down a slight amount of 0.1 percent during the current month compared to the previous month, due to lower prices in the central region by 0.3 percent, while prices rose in the South by 0.2 percent.