Legal expert: The current blocs in parliament will lose two-thirds of their seats due to the biometric card

Legal expert: The current blocs in parliament will lose two-thirds of their seats due to the biometric card

01/16/2021 14:13:19

Legal expert - The current blocs in parliament will lose two-thirds of their seats due to the biometric card{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Legal expert Tariq Harb confirmed, today, Saturday, that the biometric system that will be implemented in early elections, with the increase in the popular participation rate over the past, will affect the arrival of the current political blocs in Parliament to their seats during the upcoming elections.
Harb said in a statement, the Euphrates News received a copy of it, that “if half of those who were not previously elected participated in the biometrics, then the existing parliamentary blocs would lose two-thirds of the seats they currently hold.”

He added that “in a simple arithmetic process and because everyone who boycotted the previous elections did not vote because he is not convinced of all the competing blocs in the previous elections and because the electoral battle for power is between those who want to continue in power, that is, the blocs represented in Parliament now who repeat in their media the call not to participate in the new elections. “We will stand in the face of biometrics, and they assure that things will remain as they are, and there will be no new and no change in rulers at all, because they will continue to power even if early elections are held.”

He continued, “Indeed, some say that early elections will grant some of the blocs currently in power more parliamentary seats than they got in the previous elections, and some of them said that they had reached the position of prime minister, without the former knowing that what they got was due to the participation of less than 20% of those who have the right to vote, and that more than 80% boycotted the previous elections and that the new elections will witness the vote of at least 60% of those who did not vote before and boycotted the elections.

Harb added, “We can imagine the difference between the previous 20% and the new 60% participating in early elections at least, if we do not say that the percentage of new participants will be higher and that the biometric will eliminate fraud in the new elections and not as happened in the previous elections, where fraud and burning were. In full swing, and specifically, the new blocs will have more parliamentary seats than any of the existing blocs in Parliament now.

He explained that “what any bloc represented in Parliament currently gets does not exceed, at best, a third of what it obtained previously in the previous elections. Whoever previously obtained 54 seats will not gain more than twenty seats, and so on with regard to the existing factions in Parliament now.” This is if the existing parliamentary blocs were able to mobilize their forces with the participation of all their members, as they did in the previous elections, when they mobilized all their members and the upcoming elections are not far away, and we will see the correctness of this saying.