Legal clarifies how to recover smuggled and frozen money

Legal clarifies how to recover smuggled and frozen money

11:11 – 15/03/20210

Legal clarifies how to recover smuggled and frozen moneyThe information / Baghdad ..

On Monday, the legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, explained how Iraq recovered the frozen funds belonging to the buried regime, as well as the smuggled money.

Al-Tamimi said in a statement to “the information”, that “the best international move to retrieve the money smuggled abroad, which is estimated at 500 billion dollars, can be through the money laundering agreement for the year 2005 and signed by Iraq in 2007 with the help of these countries, as well as cooperation via Washington according to Article 28 of the agreement.” Iraqi American for the year 2008 ”.

He added, ” Iraq can recover its money as well, according to Article 50 of the United Nations Charter, which affirms the right of countries fighting organizations placed under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter to request the assistance of the United Nations, and Iraq was fighting ISIS subject under Chapter VII under Resolution 2170 of 2014.”

And that “Britain has shown its willingness to help in this file, and these countries contain in their countries a lot of smuggled money and are also wanted by the judiciary and can also help Iraq to recover these funds, as well as the presence of $ 65 billion in the US Federal Bank frozen back to the former regime, and Iraq can claim According to the above agreement for the year 2008 ”. End / 25 n