Kuwait newspapers highlight the UN report on the significant improvement in relations Kuwait – Iraq

Kuwait newspapers highlight the UN report on the significant improvement in relations Kuwait – Iraq

Sunday, July 15, 2012 10:43

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Highlighted Newspapers Kuwait on Sunday paragraphs of the report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon on Iraq to the Security Council in which he referred to his satisfaction with the progress made in bilateral relations, Kuwait – Iraq, calling on both countries to maintain this momentum and seize the opportunity to resolve all outstanding issues and the normalization of relations between them in full.

Newspapers quoted Ban Ki-moon, he said in a report to the Security Council yesterday on the work of the United Nations mission to help Iraq (UNAMI) said bilateral relations between Kuwait and Iraq «has seen a significant improvement» during the last four months during which the establishment of a joint committee to manage the navigation in the waterways involved in Khor Abdullah.

Focused on the al-Qabas newspaper said the secretary-general, “said the two sides agreed to take the necessary measures to maintain their common border and enhance common security, noting that Kuwait will open consulates also in the provinces of Basra and Erbil.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations to both sides called on the United Nations jointly to begin maintenance work for the maintenance project marks the border between Kuwait and Iraq by the 31 of October next, taking into account to meet the parties to the conditions essential to begin maintenance work in the field.

The paper went on to say that Ban Ki-moon pledged continued United Nations support the efforts of both sides that deserve praise for the maintenance project marks the border in a fast and flexible.

According to the newspaper, the Secretary-General pointed out that the Security Council endorsed the recommendation made by last June to begin the two sides of Iraq and Kuwait to explore other arrangements to promote and ensure the continuity of cooperation in the search for missing persons and property, including the Kuwaiti archives.

At the same, Al Qabas reported, citing the report, Ban Ki-moon stressed that the United Nations remains committed to providing all the necessary support to facilitate the withdrawal of Iraq from its obligations under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, including the work of the Coordinator of the High-level for Kuwaiti prisoners and Kuwaiti property Gennady Tarasov . / End
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