Jordanian newspaper: Barzani’s fighting a battle of his life .. and al-Maliki in a position to be Aihsd

Jordanian newspaper: Barzani’s fighting a battle of his life .. and al-Maliki in a position to be Aihsd

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 19:04

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates Jordanian newspaper said that the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, locked in a battle of his life with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki showed that al-Maliki now in a position to Aihsd it.

The newspaper opinion of Jordan according to an article by Mohamed carob “The file Kurdistan oil is only one address in {folder} conflict raging between the government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan region, which takes the character retribution and a review of the strength of the parties, more than it reflects the common desire of both parties put things in perspective the correct implementation of the agreements and protocols, which was signed to resolve the political crisis persistent classes, after asserting the parties in their trenches partisan and sectarian, ethnic, and especially in favor of alliances with regional powers, which is locked in a struggle as an existential (so to description) on the back of the Syrian crisis and its repercussions potential. ”

She said, “Massoud Barzani, running apparently the battle of his life he continues to play on the contradictions of the regional capitals and puts most of the {egg} in basket Erdogan, because the latter seemed to him able to provide the goods, particularly in terms Ttminh on his Kurdish, as long as it was limited in the response of Iraq and Syria, with spin talk of a scenario for Kurdish areas in Syria similar to the case that the Iraqi Kurdistan region which is not opposed by the Porte in Ankara as long as it is linked to Kurds in Turkey. ”

The newspaper added that ” Barzani’s strained relations with Talabani to provoke al-Maliki and to take steps and procedures for the smell of maliciousness of the owners, despite the loss suffered by the endeavors of Barzani and Allawi and al-Sadr to withdraw confidence from Maliki or his interrogation, he blamed them, Talabani’s responsibility not to invite the Iraqi parliament to reconvene (for no-confidence ) as well as in Ttefih interrogation issue that has not received with enthusiasm by the efforts that have received no-confidence. ”

And found the paper according to carob that “al-Maliki and his supporters in and dry after the involvement of Ankara in public in the process of buying oil from Kurdistan directly, not through Baghdad as stipulated agreement signed by both parties in the past, which limits the purchase of, what constitutes in itself a message we calculate that Maliki absorbed too many people expect them to respond in this way or that. “ended
Source: alforatnews