It is time to close the file of Iraq’s debt

several years ago has invested thousands of retired Italian treasury bonds of Argentina, which used to give high yields when compared with its counterpart European and American, but with the collapse of the Argentine economy and the arrival of the country to the brink of bankruptcy stopped Argentina for the payment of any proceeds of the bonds, treasury and even refused to compensate those retirees from those bonds that are not worth the paper printed Balkwyta told them «Control your from rubble» Voloyatem was going to maintain the minimum elements of Argentine economy, stepped in the Italian government through the means available to diplomacy but without interest and almost poor people give up without an offer from Company Debt collection U.S. offered

They buy their debts in the State of Argentina for a percentage of that debt, did not hesitate to these people and have sold their loans to start later stage fierce, which was staffed by senior lawyers Americans experienced in the law of the international financial, where they raise issues before the courts the U.S. to demand that the debt fully, which got him finally after long and difficult journey, but they got from deposits of the Argentine government in America ..

Now we have a debt of several billion on Iraq and Iraq had more than one hundred billion dollars in U.S. banks and there are companies that collect debts giant American Cecil their saliva to get the part of those billions that would be obtained is not impossible nor difficult Debts Iraqi documented and approved by the State of Iraq would mean not room for denial or evasion of payment of those billions is the date of this small country which he had the oil run out after a few years …

Iraq had to liquidate his debts with Jordan and with many countries, a country on the verge of an oil boom and the great economic boom will not harm him a giant multi-billion out of the treasury to pay the debts of Kuwait.

The aim of the statement Kuwait desire sale of Iraq’s debt is two things: first we need the money and second to close this file spam, which has been frozen for longitudinal and it was time to be settled and that you are sure that Iraq Sapadr Kuwait and offered a compromise that debt settlement rewarding of Kuwait in order to avoid exposing himself to those companies U.S. and that will take over the debt costs of the case, which may reach tens of millions, Take, O our government stated, only stated your desire to discuss this matter with U.S. companies and listened to their presentations, these billions are right for the Kuwaiti people and we are deserving of all the fils which unlike Iraq there is great difference between a desert country depends on the one source of income run out one day and Iraq is a country between the rivers, orchards, industries and wealth of animal and fish, mineral and tourism, will hear this phrase from Iraq, the Kuwaiti government «we will sell Dyuncm» ..?.