It consists of 9 points.. Al-Hakim presents a “vision” to get out of the political blockage

It consists of 9 points.. Al-Hakim presents a “vision” to get out of the political blockage

2022-04-08 08:18

It consists of 9 points.. Al-Hakim presents a vision to get out of the political blockageShafaq News/ The head of the Wisdom Movement, Ammar al-Hakim, presented on Friday a 9-point “vision” to get out of the political impasse, which he described as presenting basic challenges.

Al-Hakim said in his speech on the 13th anniversary of the departure of the former head of the Supreme Council, Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim, that “the political blockage taking place in the scene, the constitutional disruption, the reluctance of services, and the deepening of the gap between the people and their political system represent basic challenges that must be addressed for the interest of Iraq,” calling for Solidarity, cooperation, solidarity, and avoidance of grudges and hatred and breaking wills.

Al-Hakim stressed “the necessity of forming the largest bloc of representatives of the largest social component to provide adequate parliamentary protection for the government so that it is not in the wind before the first political storm sweeping through it.”

Al-Hakim called on the opposing forces representing the largest social component and all partners in the country to “get out of the reality of the existing political impasse, but this is achieved through several steps and in a purely patriotic spirit, the first of which is for all parties to sit at the dialogue table and discuss solutions and treatments without preconditions or restrictions.”

Al-Hakim requested, “The nomination of the largest bloc according to what the constitution stipulates through the forces representing the largest social component, and the issue of the three presidencies through the understanding of the sons of each component among themselves, and everyone deals with the candidate of the Sunni majority, the Kurdish majority and the Shiite majority to pass the concept of a reassuring majority for all, with an agreement on Rejecting the candidate of one of the other components does not mean intersection with the component, but rather allowing him to present other options, and the three presidents are representative of all and enjoy the support and respect of all.

He stressed “the necessity of formulating the service and political program for the next government, setting realistic time ceilings for its implementation, determining criteria for selecting the aspired ministerial team, and distributing roles. Whoever wants to participate in the government joins the majority team and commits to supporting the government with the agreed program and announces full responsibility for its participation and decision, and who does not.” He wishes to participate, takes the House of Representatives as a platform for his constructive opposition and announces it officially to obtain the required covers.”

He pointed out that “the majority pledges to provide a safe cover for the opposition while empowering it in parliamentary committees and independent oversight bodies to perform their tasks. The opposition also pledges not to disrupt parliament sessions and actively attend in it and allow the majority to complete the constitutional entitlements.”

Al-Hakim’s vision also included, “the agreement of the ruling majority and the constructive opposition on permanent consultation and periodic deliberation on the basic issues in the country to come up with national and social decisions in crucial issues and broken laws, and to reject negative media debates and the language of blasphemy, treason and accusation, and I call on all government media institutions and others to adopt A national charter is binding on all to confront the language of hatred and accusation and to purify the discourse addressed to the public with accurate information that is not misleading.

The head of the Wisdom Movement called for “the adoption of government reform as a material for political competition in performance and discourse, and for every political entity and every coalition to present its economic, cultural, political, developmental and security programs and visions to the media, and for political speakers representing their entities to express their vision of the solutions, strengths and weaknesses and how To extricate the country from its difficult reality and to advance it again, and let the public opinion have space to see the plans and solutions of all entities and support what it deems appropriate for the country.