Israel: Syria’s chemical arsenal, threatening the security…and can be used against us.

Israel: Syria’s chemical arsenal, threatening the security of the country and can be used against us.

11/06/2012 15:19

Erbil, June 11 (AKnews) – warned the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Israeli army today that the arsenal of chemical weapons, large with Syria could be used against Israel. and Gen. Goodyear Navi that Syria has the largest arsenal of chemical weapons in the world, and if given the Syrian regime a chance to use threaten Israel with the same way that threatens the people.indicates the website of the Washington Post that Israel is afraid of the fall of chemical weapons, however, groups hostile to it at this stage which disintegrate by the Syrian regime. noted that Syria is witnessing since 15 March 2011 protest movement’s popularity and wide began to raise the demands of reform and democracy and ended claim to drop the system after and were violently bloody unprecedented by Syrian security forces and what is known as “Cbihh.” and resulted in clashes so far to fall over with 13,000 people dead and tens of thousands of wounded and missing persons and detainees, as counted Commission Refugees at the United Nations at least 230,000 thousand Syrian immigrant in a country neighborhood. see: Fadi Zeidan

Source: aknews