Israel is considering an operation against Syria in order to avoid the arrival of chemical rockets

Israel is considering an operation against Syria in order to avoid the arrival of chemical rockets to Hezbollah

Tuesday June 12, 2012
Alsumaria News / Beirut revealed Israeli security sources said the security services are looking at a military strike against Syria, fearing the arrival of the missile arsenal of chemical owned by Hezbollah, indicating that it is a red line for Israel. quoted “Channel X” in the Israeli television sources saying that the violent clashes taking place in Syria finally between the Syrian army and the rebels, raised concern for the security risk of the transfer of an arsenal of chemical weapons owned by the regime of Bashar al-Assad, to Hezbollah. ” It is believed the Israelis, according to sources, that the military operation that will prevent a threat like this, considering that the transfer of missiles chemical to Hezbollah is a “red line requires a move quickly, even if the price is a declaration of war.” The Deputy Chief of Staff Israeli Yair Naveh said Monday (June 11, 2012) in a statement to Israeli Army Radio that Syria has the largest arsenal of chemical weapons in the world and has missiles capable of reaching any region in Israeli territory, confirming the possibility of using these weapons against Israel. experts were Israeli military indicated earlier that Syria began forty years the production of gases sarin and “X in the” mustard can be used with missiles, although it is one of the world’s few that have not signed the agreement of chemical weapons. The commander of Military Region North Yair Golan early June, said Israel would consider the possibility of attacking convoys potential movement of sophisticated weapons in the event discovered by the Israeli army in time, as expressed Army Chief of Staff Hebrew Gen. Beni Gantz in a speech to the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence in the Knesset on June 5 (2012) expressed concern about weapons smuggling from Syria to Hezbollah, especially in the event of the fall of the Syrian regime, stressing that whatever the outcome of the conflict in Syria, “it will be bad for Israel. ” It is noted that in spite of the conflict between the two countries on the Golan Heights, which Israel occupied and annexed after the June 1967 war, but there were no major incidents on the border between Israel and Syria since the end of the war in October 1973, and considered the Golan front quieter and more stable since that date, although the two countries are still officially at war. noted that Syria is witnessing since 15 March 2011 protest movement wide popularity started to raise the demands of reform and democracy and ended claim to drop the system after and were violently bloody unprecedented by Syrian security forces and what is known as “Cbihh”, resulting in so far killed more than 13 thousand people, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in exceeded the number of detainees in Syrian prisons, against the backdrop of protests of the 25 thousand detainees, according to the observatory, as well as tens of thousands of refugees and displaced persons and missing persons. presents the Damascus regime to pack a variety of Arab and international sanctions, and increasing pressure on Assad to step down from office.

Source: alsumarianews