Iraqi List: Talabani, everyone waiting for a message to the House of Representatives

Baghdad: MP for the Iraqi List, Salem, Daly said the options are narrowed down in front of the political blocs to take its course the right to withdraw confidence from Maliki’s government in the light of the Constitution.

And MP in an exclusive statement to (the East) that “everyone waiting for a letter from Mr. Jalal Talabani, Prime Minister to the President of parliament to hold a hearing to withdraw confidence from the government of Prime Minister.”

Daly said: “We believe that we must change is the reality of this case and that the existing national meeting has become a thing of the past and that the political blocs were unanimous that it does not trust the other party.”

He noted that “the government formed on the basis of the Convention of Arbil, but has not implemented its provisions,” asserting that “option that exists today is that everyone should listen to the constitution and the national consensus of the main blocs of the three that formed the Iraqi government, which consisted of the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List and the National Coalition for the unanimous blocs, including the Liberal and Bloc (independent deputies) of the National Coalition to withdraw confidence from Maliki’s government.