Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 7-5-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 7-5-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions7-5-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: “THE IRAQI PARLIAMENT SUBMITS TO COUNTING AND PARTIAL MANUAL COUNTING AND OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCES THE END OF ITS LIFE” Quote: “IT SEEMS THAT THERE IS A DETERMINATION NOT TO CONDUCT THE COUNTING and counting of the ballot boxes, which means there is a” dangerous and frightening secret “THAT IS DIFFICULT TO REACH”… …you could not have gotten any better news than this. The parliament has just conceded in that they can no longer carry out their fight against the elections results. So they are done. But will the re-counting still go on beyond Saturdays’ efforts? Yes, they will since parliament already stirred up the bee’s nest and so they must settle it down and conduct some of the recounting to continue on Tuesday. But this will be more of a procedural process and really won’t prove anything. But it will settle down the bees…lol..

7-5-2018 Newshound Guru Breitling …The price per barrel right now is like $75 so Iraq doesn’t need to revalue. They simply don’t…that’s how they make their money. 90% of their economy is selling oil and right now they’re kicking butt…The oil prices are going to come down. We have 3 things…we opened up the places we can explore for oil. We have our reserves. And we have Saudi Arabia and Russia to make sure they’re producing more oil…And that’s what it means for Iraq…Once that oil price goes down…for the Iraqi dinar it means everything…Right now we’re watching the market and the market is going to react and it is OPEC, it’s Saudi Arabia, it’s Russia, it’s Trump and his policies… And that’s it.

7-5-2018 Intel Guru RayRen98 Iraqi TV is announcing 14 days to complete the re-counts of the votes in 7 remaining provinces. Appeals are still subject-matter related affecting the ratification of the election results. Seating of the new government is anticipated by August 1, 2018. (Not 100% sure if that matters for an RV or not)

7-4-2018 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Work is steady across the pond in that big sandpit, which is all I’m asking for right now. Abadi continues to move forward as if there wasn’t even another party and there weren’t elections recently. I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed someone so smoothly ignoring the outcries from what has historically been a very disruptive opposition in these times. It’s actually refreshing to see! …I’ve been a supporter of Abadi since before he was first elected to his position. His demeanor and work ethic at this time, in spite of what could easily be an excuse to let things slide… the man is once again proving he’s business minded and goal oriented.

7-4-2018 Newshound Guru Adam Montana In spite of that, I think we’re still on the uphill slope of this thing, at least for the next week or so. There may not be an “official” announcement of an election “winner”, or there may be multiple “announcements” that end up being meaningless and Abadi just carries on doing his job… if we don’t see anything negative in the next 3-7 days, I think we’re looking at some HCL news within the next couple weeks, and that will get this train back on track. Looking forward to some exciting times in the VERY near future, my friends! All it’s going to take is a little nudging and we’re off.

7-4-2018 Intel Guru Bruce I heard…today that everything was ready to go this morning [Tuesday] and a Go and we were going except we had a little issue. It maybe not have been too small of an issue, but it was an issue that needed to be settled, straightened out before the Green Light could be given. …My understanding it will be ironed out tonight [Tuesday], over night tonight. …Tomorrow is the 4th of July. We are expecting an announcement tomorrow [Wednesday]. …We don’t know for sure what it will be or what the subject will be about. …We have a little window tomorrow. …I do believe we are in a great period of waiting for this to come through for us. It has been told to me this will be a 4th of July like none other.

7-4-2018 Intel Guru Bruce People ask me about rates. Realistically we do not have them right now, because they are coming back up on the screens. They are being populated, being traded, being moved, and we are waiting on the last two to show up. …Maybe they will be there tomorrow [Wednesday] . We do not know. We do need…the dinar …to show up obviously…before we can go and do our exchanges.