Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 7-18-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 7-18-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions7-18-2018 Intel Guru Bruce …Iraq has basically completed everything we thought they needed to do except announce the new rate or put the rate out publicly… We are looking for an announcement from Iraq. We don’t know if it will come from Abadi or will it come from Shabbi and Abadi… There has been a major media blackout out of Iraq for the last several days…at least 3 to 4 days maybe longer with no media, no social media, nothing. …we know that things are moving along nicely. … They has been celebrations, dancing, quite a bit we have heard about and is occurring. Yes, we have been able to find out a little bit despite the blackout. So we are looking forward to it completely opening up and being ready.

7-18-2018 Intel Guru Bruce I just like to say thank you to this current administration beginning with President Trump, with Vice President Pence, some of the cabinet members as well, the administration, because guys without them we would not have this blessing moving like we do right now. …I think the proximity is right there. I feel like according to what we heard this afternoon [Tuesday], we are in a really good position… I feel maybe there is something about tomorrow’s date July 18, 2018 [Wednesday]. Maybe it is a significant day.

7-17-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Many asked me about the significance of the announcement of Iraq getting off the FATF list. The importance of this announcement is that the presence of any country in the gray or black list or under the strict follow-up within the evaluation of the group mentioned MEANS THAT THERE IS WEAKNESS IN THE SYSTEM OF COMBATING CORRUPTION AND FINANCING TERRORISM, HIGH RISK AND THUS LEAD TO THE RELUCTANCE OF INVESTORS TO ENTER IT, has been noted since 2012 since the failure of Iraq to comply with 15 of the recommendations of the main recommendations on the fight against money laundering and recorded up to seven hundred notes. So now Iraq is off this list so what does this tell you? They have implemented the necessary reforms to combat corruption and financial terrorism. This is all very good news since we know there was no way the IMF was going to release the reinstatement unless they put these measures in place.

7-17-2018 Newshound Guru chattels I find myself favoring a new terminology for the liquidity event we hope for as value and return from our investment in the IQD. My new word for it is ” Reset “. I no longer believe in an ” RI or RV “. I am still concerned about a ” Lop” and arguably all currencies ” Float “. Perhaps a ” Reset ” is some workable form of all of the foregoing? My active thought is that we cannot rule out anything and must allow for that which we may not like. In any event we must all find a theory which sustains us and the hope of a good outcome. If we do not finish the race we cannot know whether there will be a prize for participation at a minimum, eh?

7-17-2018 Intel Guru Frank26 [via sunny] IMO: Encouraged Sadr and Abadi to sit their new government and Abadi as new PM to expedite many things as soon as possible. The RI being one of them. IHO with Malaki controlling things they could not have pulled off the RI. Nor IHO would Iraq and the fantastic four have allowed Malaki and his people to profit from the RI. Citizens of Iraq protesting against Malaki and the corruption he represents; against Iran and the lack of jobs. It’s the coming together where they look at their government as friends not as their political enemies. Iran knows they are being picked on so Iran takes advantage of no government seated right now. Paid jerks to go to Basra and pretend they‘re protesting against Abadi. They are not and you know that don’t you. Malaki’s media is not going to work this time. Malaki and Iran taking advantage of the not seated government right now, adding fire and lies to it… I believe we are soon to see a seated government. …Once it’s seated officially they can do a lot of things. Those are the things we don’t want to talk about.

7-17-2018 Intel Guru Frank26 Iraq still has a seated government and Abadi still the PM. IMO the smooth transition from the same government to the new government will have the same affect…the same results. A newly seated government, less Malaki, Iran and Iran’s General’s corruption with be a “suitable environment” to RI their currency…as Abadi and the CBI requested. And so did Dr. Shabibi. The Iranian influence is disappearing. With the government. With the citizens. The Iranian Generals are losing their ability to protect Malaki. Malaki as no longer a VP is no longer protected with immunity. Arrest warrants await him. Malaki will fight along with his fake media to the very end. If given a Parliamentary seat it’s only to keep the peace. IMO, Malaki’s power is gone. No longer influential or able to use fear tactics to support his sugar daddy Iran. In the next two weeks, somewhere IMO, around the 18-19 to around the 25th we should have a seated government. No matter what I say right now about our investment, it would be hard to believe…the game has changed and I believe that leaks are causing us to be quiet…Our noses are pressed up against the wall of the RI, IMO and there is no room to the right or to the left.

7-17-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat …the Iraqi dinar…will be “reinstated” back on FOREX with a rate conducive to before it was down-graded through years of sanctions according to a value around from the new SDR basket it will be pegged to. It will also be put back on a “managed float” and the market place will drive the rate upwards. The Iraqi dinar…will not “revalue”. Yes, the rate will increase from around what it was prior to the war (with equity) and this will be a new value but not a “revaluation” in the truest sense from the technical definition of the IMF in dealing with currencies.

7-17-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat You can call it whatever the hell you want but technically it’s not a revaluation in the eyes of the IMF. …The CBI will take the dinar off the program rate and de facto peg to the USD and re-peg it to the SDR basket. It is in this process it will get reinstated back on FOREX and be launched with a the new rate. Once the dinar is reinstated and put on the “managed float”, it could go anywhere as Dr Syni Shabibi said it could withstand a market a rate of up to $16.00. He NEVER said that the Iraqi dinar would revalue at $16.00…