Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-7-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-7-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions4-7-2017 Intel Guru RayRen98 Iraqi TV reports Abadi meeting with UN secretary and requesting removal of Chapter 7, completion for Mosul in 2 weeks, and that the currency should be in line with the wealth of the country… least 6 times more than present.

4-7-2017 Newshound Guru MadDScout [We have always heard when article 140 and HCL are put into place and activated we should see the rate within hours of implementation. We know Mosul is a key part. Can they implement HCL and Article 140 on a program rate?] Answer: That theory is old and unfounded, and tends to put events in the wrong order, according to what we know right now. Being as this is never mentioned in any of Alaks statements when asked about what the CBI needs to make full monetary reforms, I have put it out of my vocabulary. As to the third part of your question, can they implement 140 at program rate, I think it is so far in the future (Art140) they will have a “rate” by then. But IMO one doesn’t equal the other. They are stand alone issues, unhinged one from another. Rate is only important to us.

4-7-2017 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Abadi: Two months separating Iraq’s exit from Chapter VII” [It would seem that Iraq’s removal of Chapter 7 would occur before the dinar becomes marketable and begins to float…] …though it’s important for Iraq to have it’s own currency once sovereign, I do not think they are directly related. When the dinar floats is a more of a decision of the CBI based on monetary policy. IMO, I do not expect it to begin until just before foreign investment begins to pour into Iraq.

4-7-2017 RUMOR Guru Bruce We still are golden, but the timing is…stretching out a little bit longer than what we thought. I am still hearing very good things of tonight and the next few days. It is right there. I think we will have the result we are looking for. Iraq has already announced even on television yesterday morning that they had revalued their currency and it has a value 6 times of the US dollar. That is approximately correct. It is a little bit over that. …we heard that a week ago, but they just brought that out on TV yesterday. Tomorrow [Friday] I think we will have some major announcement wise in the mosque. Maybe it includes the HCL law, Chapter 140. For the HCL…you have to have a rate. Well they got the rate. Now they have to make sure it is in the law…which it will be. I don’t think at this point we are waiting on Iraq.

4-7-2017 RUMOR Guru Bruce They have been paying their people a really good rate for a while now on their cards and those cards are being used internationally by citizens of Iraq. They are making moves to be completely ready for business internationally. Maybe they are waiting for the timing of Friday afternoon because you have several things that are happening. You have the Stock market which would close at 4 and kind of finish those last minute trades around 4:30 EST tomorrow. Based on the Intel I got, we are in a great position for this to come through the next couple of days. I really believe this should be a weekend we will remember.

4-6-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 We are in the next step of the monetary reform… many asked why they were putting more IQD’s …more 3 zeros back into the market in Iraq? We never said they were putting 3 zeros back into the market, we said they were putting dinars back into the market to accomplish: #1 – MCP – elimination of the USD’s. #2 – to educate the citizens. It’s NOT the value of the notes thats important…IT’S THE NOTE COUNT …remember ONE 50k note …would be equivalent to FIVE 10k notes…One 50k note…that they bring into the bank…because they are going to get it as “pay” – they would have to bring back FIVE 10k notes…would they not? [Reducing the note count] So what about your 3 zeros notes? Your 3 zero notes are going to the FEDS. It’s internally. That is where the monetary reform (MR) is now.

4-6-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 The goal is to de-dollarize the markets of Iraq. This will occur by doing 1,000 to 1…which IMO…is going on right now. When they do change the EXCHANGE RATE…to show 1 to 1…YES! …at that time, they will introduce more dinars…but guess what kind? The LOWER-DENOMS. Not the 50k they are using in their pay. This process will be concurrent – (at the same time). We never said they were putting Iraqi notes back into the market. This process is to take those notes away from the market. You will NOT see this 1,000 to 1 on the CBI website…it is 1 to 1 that you will see someday on the CBI website …IMO…that is VERY CLOSE …right around the corner…because they are doing 1,000 to 1 right now.

4-6-2017 Newshound Guru Adam Montana […are we just pretty much waiting on the total liberation of Mosul or what? I know, I know…the HCL must be passed and all that, but it seems as if Mosul is a real turning point?] Total liberation of Mosul? No sir, I do not believe Mosul will ever be totally liberated, nor will ISIS/ISIL/(Or Any Other Terror Group) be completely “eradicated”. The “war on terror” will never be “won”, we can only hope to keep it at a “manageable level”, and I believe we are pretty close to achieving that already, if not completely done achieving it.

4-6-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 […just want to make sure I understand correctly…any country in history that went through a currency reval… redenom…etc. always revealed their 1000:1 exchange rate. However, this time, with Iraq, we will NOT be seeing the 1000:1 exchange rate. We’ll see the 1:1 at its appropriate time. Correct?] IMO…Yes.

4-6-2017 Intel Guru RayRen98 It is being reported that the Kurds are in Baghdad attending meetings resulting in the immediate implementation of Article 140. ADDITION: Abadi just announced on TV the agreement to remove obstacles that were blocking the passing of Article 140.