Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-23-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-23-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions3-23-2017 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke Here are the key words, right out of Abadi’s own mouth… It has to do with the “PEOPLE”. He said, that what was MOST important in Iraq, was how the PEOPLE were feeling and their CONFIDENCE IN THE LEADERSHIP of the country. Iraqi’s NOW, need to find somewhat of a Normal, Peaceful Life, as Abadi stated, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE – and this strongly includes, ECONOMICS, BUSINESS, TRADE…PROSPERITY. Because of this, we believe that Iraq will raise the value of the Dinar, on or before APRIL 1, 2017, substantially higher, IN ORDER TO SHOW THE PEOPLE THAT LEADERSHIP IS WITH THEM… The economic move of raising the Value of the Dinar Currency, will do this, more than ANYTHING – in the Eyes of the PEOPLE.

3-23-2017 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke Up till now, it’s been happening here & there, in pockets within Iraq, provinces, as far as currency manipulation, rate fluctuations, trading, exchanging and so forth. That’s why everyone is so CONFUSED about the currency in Iraq. It’s NOW TIME TO CHANGE this to a consistent Dinar Rate, for the entire country…this will stabilize Iraq’s desire to make sure the WHOLE WORLD knows, they are a Sovereign Nation, and AVAILABLE for Business. Let’s talk about TIMING & RATES. In our View…we’ve indicated by April 1, 2017. But…it may not be until later in the week, before International Exchanges… actually start taking place with the new higher rates… perhaps THROUGH April 10th. …the inferences from PM Abadi, is that Iraq will go SLOWLY, in it’s growth stages, to restore Iraq back to economic good health…they cannot rip the economy up right out of the gate, with TOO HIGH OF A RATE INCREASE, due to rampant inflation. This will be a gradual Rate Increase over time, to ensure the stable growth of the economy of Iraq, IN STAGES, over time.

3-23-2017 Intel Guru Dr. Clarke …NOBODY KNOWS THE INTERNATIONAL “COME OUT” RATE! Does Iraq even HAVE to substantially increase their rate, if Officially International? NO, they don’t. BUT, we are almost certain they will do this SOON, because of wanting to gain the confidence of THE PEOPLE OF IRAQ… whatever substantial rate increase they First “COME OUT” with, will continue to be RAISED OVER A PERIOD OF TIME. AND, whatever it is, will be A BIG WINNER! IT WILL BE A GREAT RATE…A SUBSTANTIAL INCREASE…in ANY event, for you as an Investor. In our opinion, after the official “Come Out” Rate by the First Week of APRIL, they will assess things over the next 3 months, and by the END OF JUNE, meaning by JULY 1, 2017…Iraq will probably have another In-Country, rate increase. (End of 2nd Quarter)…and keep in mind, that this is all LEADING UP TO THE ELECTIONS IN IRAQ THIS FALL. As time progresses toward the Fall…toward the Iraq Elections…toward the start of the 3rd Quarter…which is SEPTEMBER 1…it’s going to get Really CRAZY! It’s ANYONE’S GUESS, what’s going to happen – but it won’t be boring!


3-23-2017 Intel Guru RayRen98 Iraqi TV reporting Alaq stating that they are moving to a free economy and activating the private sector…

3-22-2017 Newshound Guru MadDScout I know Abadi had a busy day today [Tuesday]. Abadi today met with : President Trump, V.President Pence, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and members of Congress, US Trade secretary Wilbur Ross, US Chamber of Commerce, along with delegations from GE and Boeing among others. This is a very good feel of how the new US President is working in a positive way with Iraq.

3-22-2017 Newshound Guru MadDScout Article: “Abadi discusses with US Trade Secretary lifting obstacles to investment companies” Quote: “Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, during his visit to the United States, discussed with US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross the promotion of trade cooperation between the two countries.” This was a very good meeting from reports. I can not remember a one day event that produced so much positive for all sectors. It was like Abadi ran the table today. LOL …was a very positive day for us investors and for Iraq as a whole.

3-22-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat …in mid February 2017, when EARLY 2017 seeming to be almost gone, another article came out, this time from the GOI finance committee, telling us the project was again “postponed” but this time no future date was given telling us when it would resume. They just told us “indefinitely”. …the CBI itself has told us that the reason for the 2008, 2013 and 2015 postponements was due to SECURITY and STABILITY issues. SECURITY with fighting invaders into Iraqi’s sovereignty and STABILITY meaning political and economic. Now fast forward to the events over the last 18 months. What do you see? Do you think all these reforms and law were for nothing? We even see the IMF stepping in to help with the 3 year SBA (Stand by Agreement) with Iraq. …it is not easy to predict when Mosul region will be “fully” liberated…so did not give us another timeframe but rather said “indefinitely” until they can see progress with the liberation of Mosul and get a handle on a new, realistic timeframe to tell us…

3-22-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat …we wait and watch for an article telling us their next move. Remember too, HCL money is coming shortly after Mosul is cleared. When ISIS is cleared we can expect to see a full and complete HCL law get passed and move forward. So my feeling is Iraqi economy is now at a cross roads. It will never be the “perfect” set up. The IMF, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization along with a host of global consultants are working with Iraq to bring about the needed changes. Which way will they now go? There is only one way to go and why not? This is UP. Since they prepared Iraq for this economic explosion (or as Abadi has stated and I quote “economic openness”) they must now move to the next step and get fully the global/international stage. What else does “economic openness” mean if not to go international?

3-22-2017 Newshound Guru FrostyTheSnowman IMO…sounds like this massive “New City” called BISMAYAH (built by Hanwha) [Housing Project] is done … (at least the first few phases). “What? This huge company is doing all of this for a program rate?” lol Ok … maybe they did for the 1st phase … but ever notice how real estate developments become more pricey as the 2nd, 3rd, 4th phases are opened? IMO … follow the money … follow the contracts … PAYDAY is on it’s way folks! Yes! It’s time to get as excited as the Iraqi citizens will be to occupy these brand-new air-conditioned homes. Go RV!

3-22-2017 Newshound Guru chattels I would note that the Spring / Nowruz Holiday as posted at the CBI website is a one day observance [March 21]. I tend to think…that the the recent hiatus in publishing the market rate preceding and now following the holiday is remarkable, but the significance or pertinence to our “event”, if any, is unknown and likely unknowable in the near(er) term.

3-22-2017 RUMOR Guru Bruce A lot has been going on behind the scenes. Iraq…is still a factor. Still something we need to pay attention to. For example, Prime Minister Abadi coming to the US…He did meet with President Trump…He has met with other people in Washington yesterday. He did bring the document from the IMF that was more or less releasing Iraq from certain obligations with our government from the past. Going back to Iraq itself. We know basically everything has been handled and Mosul has been taken back. We know they got their sovereignty. We do need the UN to do one final release of Iraq of chapter 7. One thing needs to happen is their currency needs to be reinstated internationally… So what does Iraq need to do?

3-22-2017 RUMOR Guru Bruce They need to essentially publish their new budget with that rate…that is…in the budget in the Gazette. Why? We thought they did the 2017 budget. They did. They needed to modify the budget with the new accurate rate the dinar will come out with in the country of Iraq. …evidence is looking good for Iraq because of what they had to do in terms of Prime Minister Abadi’s travels here in this country meeting with everybody. What we are looking for is for Iraq to publish this budget and essentially announce it in the Gazette… The dinar will come back well over $3 or $4 which will be the true value of what their currency is. My understanding is we are as close as we ever been.