Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 2-24-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 2-24-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions2-24-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 The IMF doesn’t want them to float…but IMO…I think they are going to float. There is a compression of a lot of DEAL going on as the fat lady gets out of the way to show the liberation of Mosul. Once you have Mosul…you’ll see the reason for the negotiations…which you wouldn’t see happening with a program rate. The DEALS are across the board…creating fairness in trade and currencies. This is VERY historical. I like how Abadi told everyone at the meeting in Germany…“we’re open for business…come on in!” Germany did tell Abadi…“ok”…and they did…quickly. Abadi received today a German delegation…Merkel says they are there to help with the economic reforms. Didn’t take them long to show up. No country is in this for an 1186 program rate!

2-24-2017 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “IMF confirms the stability of Iraq’s reserves of hard currency” Quote: “the IMF said in his study, that Iraq reserves will arrive in 2018 to $ 62 billion , and then rise to $ 91 billion in 2020 due to improved conditions of the Iraqi economy and oil exports and its derivatives and the sufficiency of electricity imported to some provinces and gas export and promotion of tourism, industry and all economic resources bode well” I think the important thing here is that something pretty substantial must occur this year for this forecast to be true. As we all should know by now, Iraqi oil is not enough at the current prices to increase reserves because they spend more than they make. So I expect them to transition to a market economy this year in order to improve the reserves by $50 billion over the next two years or so.

2-24-2017 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Keep in mind, there are several things that could effect the reserves. Oil prices could skyrocket to $100 +, they could officially get out of UN Chapter 7 and get some funds that are being held released, etc. But it seems like the IMF has a plan with the CBI. We all have seen the efforts the last 12 months or so to improve the banking system. So despite these possibilities, I believe the reason is more in line with improving Iraq’s economy, putting people to work, rebuilding post ISIL and opening the banking system to the world for investment…at least we can hope anyway.

2-24-2017 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Iraq joined the Convention on the transparency of the arbitration between investors and states” Quote: “This agreement is an important message and clear to the world that Iraq is a major hub in the Middle East for investment and reconstruction and construction,” noting that “this agreement adopted by the United Nations to save the rights transparently in the event of a conflict between investors and states.” Dispute resolution is critical. A good sign.

2-24-2017 Newshound Guru loop Article: “Parliamentary oil suggest the presence of 300 billion barrels of undiscovered” Quote: “…said the oil profanity by Mehdi al-Hafez, Tuesday, that there is a plan of action will begin to explore more than 300 billion barrels of oil, Iraq added to the reserve.” If Hafiz is correct Iraq will have the largest reserves in the world. What we do know for sure is that they just add 10 billion to their reserves last week. Iraq is currently 5th in the world as far as oil reserves go. Much of their country has yet to be explored for oil. I would be surprised if they do not find much more.

2-24-2017 RUMOR Guru Bruce My understanding is that President Trump is actually doing everything in his power which is substantial as we know to move this thing through and get it done now. We heard 3 days ago now actually that the banks in Mosul were up and running. I believe the Mosul airport is up and running now. I don’t know how much work the city needs in terms of infrastructure. I believe it needs a whole lot. At least in the day to day operations from what I understand are back in place. There have been a few little announcements in main stream news here about the restoration of Mosul being taken back which is very positive. I just got a call…that approximately at 9pm EST [Thursday]…that Iraq began their monetary reform on their CBI website. So what they are doing now in trying to update and possibly put out new rates I hope essentially is the trigger for…the RV for the dinar… Looks like Iraq has begun their process of economic monetary reform through their CBI website. I am excited…I think that is a good sign. …we are in really good shape for this to roll out.

2-23-2017 Newshound Guru Aggiedad77 Article: “Ayman total liberation of Mosul operations within 72 hours” We seem to be under a time clock don’t we Family…72 hour count down and ticking…and we could be “ABOUT” done with Mosul to hopefully meet President Trump’s satisfaction…may we see strong evidence of Monetary Reform shortly…that leans on a “sexy” rate…the BEST is coming…tick tock goes the countdown clock…Mosul…Mosul come on over. …so when did this clock start to tick…on the 21st some time…pray for a wild weekend…one of great celebration that Mosul is finally back in the hands of the good guys…

2-23-2017 Newshound Guru Adam Montana [Do other countries have HCLs? …is there anything to compare this process to…?] An HCL by any other name is still an “Oil Law”. However… Iraq is the only country to my knowledge that has THIS much riding on the passage of such a law.

2-23-2017 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Abadi condemning al-Maliki in the fall of Mosul” He wanted to be Prime Minister, time he take responsibility for his actions or lack there of.

2-23-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 The reason why we don’t see the exchange rate of the IQD released yet…because there are a LOT of DEALS being made… IMO…(about 2 weeks ago)…we have enough of Mosul to have the RV of the currency of Iraq now…that was MY OPINION…but apparently that is not President Trump’s opinion. He wants to extinguish ISIS…That’s why many DEALS…IMO…are being born…combination of removing ISIS…“give me Mosul” and you’ll see the MR. We’ve got like 30 articles now… evidence of what they are going to do. It’s not that we want fully security by removing all of ISIS…while that is happening, Trump is making a lot of DEALS with Abadi. IMO…Iraq is being used as LEVERAGE to do a lot of DEALS around the world. Has Abadi seen Trump yet? No…not until Abadi is done with this and that…but Trump has Abadi’s back!

2-23-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 Dr. Shabibi…anything to say? Dr. Shabibi came out…and said that Maliki stopped everything. Abadi asked…“Why did Maliki give up Mosul?” Why did he remove 3 units of protection? Why Maliki? Obviously he was in coo hoots with ISIS. They are now calling for high-treason… in Iraq and INTERNATIONAL COURTS! TIME IS UP! TIME TO PAY MALIKI FOR YOUR CRIMES! …we told you there would be another speech from Dr. Shabibi…JUST BEFORE they were ready. TA-DA-FREAKIN’-DA!! The MR will…IMO…will blossom after Mosul is announced. Once Mosul is liberated…they will liberate the IQD from the program rate.

2-23-2017 Newshound Guru loop Article quotes: “Since more than four years and officials in Iraq are talking about a project monetary reform in which to raise the Iraqi currency exchange rate against the dollar so that the new dinar equals 1.2 dinars to the dollar instead of 1200.” “But the move was postponed to a later date due to the exit of some Iraqi areas under government control after the occupation of «Daesh» her. Then the military operations began to recover these areas which still exist. The government is expected to return to the project itself after the end of military operations.” “The price of the Iraqi dinar former (US $ 3.2) was exaggerated and will continue to be overrated if has to return to it in the future. It will make imports cheaper, but it hinders improvement of production and export capacity of Iraq, may be the price of 1.2 dinars to the dollar or dinar against the dollar is a good price.” So this economist is saying that while 3.2 dollars per dinar (Old rate) would make imports much cheaper it would cause exports to be expensive.

2-23-2017 Newshound Guru loop His opinion is that .83333 cents to the dollar would be more managable. [So the exchange rate would be 1/.83 = $1.20. 1 divided by .83…In USD] This is where they feel they can defend (support) the rate based on their current economic capacity. This will increase over time has they economy grows. Remember that this is one persons opinion. What is so very encouraging is that this really shows that the expectation is a marked increase in value, which is very positive for this investment. Mr White [Guru wmawhite] made an excellent point…about them not having much to export, other than oil that is. The price of oil is fixed in the world markets and is traded in petro dollars so oil would not be effected by the increased dinar value. For the rest the GOI can always do what we do in the USA. What I am referring to is subsidizing the exports to bring the price down. This ensures that industries flourish while keeping the costs of exports low.