Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 2-16-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 2-16-17

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions2-16-2017 Intel Guru Delta The CBI and the program rate…what is going on there? January 2017 the CBI…all of the sudden the program rate was taken off. January 2, 2017…when auctions started…the spreadsheet…the program rate 1184…and then January 12, 2017…we watched it…they had an auction…the numbers disappeared. …the program rate is gone…the spreadsheet…the indicative rate. Why is that significant? Articles from the CBI (long time ago) stated that they couldn’t have 2 rates in the same fiscal year. When the CBI and the GOI decide to come up with a TRUE RATE…that must happen in the beginning of their FISCAL YEAR…That should have been the 1st week in January 2017. It didn’t happen at that time for whatever reason. They agreed not to postpone. The meeting on January 17 to 19th with the IMF…everyone involved…everyone was there…and we believe that that date was a high possibility of them getting the green light to lift the value.

2-16-2017 Intel Guru Delta An article from the IMF…they say that every member nation…when they want to change their rate…the IMF has to know within 30 days of the implementation. These are NOT rumors! This is fact from the IMF website. The 30 days give you 3 windows…the 4th the 12th and the 17-19th…so we believe…this week…for Iraq to show the rate. It’s never happened before for them to remove the indicative rate for that long. Where does the indicative rate come from? This indicative rate comes directly from the IMF…they give that to Iraq… One of the memos that we found talked about the exchange rate. The CBI controls the market price…auctions and cash. The thing that can’t control anymore is the TRUE RATE! …the CBI…they got the permission…we believe within the last 72 hours. This is NOT rumors! This is a fact from the IMF.

2-16-2017 Intel Guru Delta A lot of you are looking at the UN Operational Exchange Rates. That has nothing to do with Iraq. Iraq doesn’t have to wait until the next UNOP rate date changes. We believe that the budget was passed…and showed up in the Gazette on the 9th. Did you see the budget implemented yet? No. What are they waiting for? The only time you have to amend the budget is if you changed the rate. YOU SHOULD BE VERY EXCITED! The BAS News website …that showed a rate…the newspaper took down those numbers…Where did those numbers come from? Software. At that time…they were testing the new rate. We continue to watch for the NEW RATE…that could happen ANY DAY…ANY MINUTE. We believe that in our hearts…this is our month… The TRUE RATE should show up on the CBI website any day!

2-16-2017 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Article: “Rasheed Bank grants loans to citizens of up to 30 million dinars” […any thoughts on Rasheed bank starting car loans and buying Us dollars from citizens!] 1st – why would they loan money in an economy “like this” – up to… 30,000 USD. 2nd – who would want to get rid of their USD?? Seems like a real shift in perception of the IQD value on the street is coming…or at least Rasheed is forecasting one.

2-16-2017 Intel Guru Bluwolf All things already talked about and expected to occur are now…coming into reality…and they will be revealed through a domino effect process, just falling into place one behind the other. As some whom have seen some recent screen rates sort of high, let me informed you that those are just placeholders for all the rates are still floating, but one thing is for sure is that the real rates will be much higher than seen by these folks. The turmoil of political events now in DC are being structured to delay our blessings but the guy with the Golden hair knows of that and is pushing forward…That is where we are folks as we speak. See you at the banks..

2-15-2017 Intel Guru RayRen98 Intel-wise, nothing much has changed from Monday. We did have some nice developments yesterday…a potential leverage opportunity for dong. Texts and calls came in. Some told us that you had to have an account at the bank already, but they were told repeatedly that the rate was $38,000 per million dong, so they intended to come back today, but the window had closed. Another person was told $500+ for a million, but by the time their friend was able to get there, the rate had changed. This morning, a bank quoted 40 cents on the dong, and that person rejected the rate, because they didn’t understand the power of leveraging – they were waiting to reach a better rate. This has been an interesting week, after a slow start and then the…the leveraging opportunity came from out of nowhere. I don’t know when the next thing will happen. Intel is saying a couple more hours or days, so I am on for this week, and I’m ready for any day, every day until this happens… We look forward to what happens in the future as we await the public release of the RV, which is already done, IMO.

2-15-2017 Newshound Guru Aggiedad77 Article: “Iraq looking for partners to finance the 4500 project laggard in excess of $ 5 trillion dinars” …articles today are so focused on bringing investors in…looking for external help to get their economy back on track…working with existing projects to get them jump started again…this all screams of Economic Reform… Monetary Reform…but it bellows IMO…a rate change that has to be on the edge of the cliff ready to push Iraq into some kind of warp speed as a real time player in the international world…it’s coming…and I’m not sure much of anything can stop it…the BEST is on the way…IMO.

2-15-2017 Newshound Guru Adam Montana …to get right into it – no HCL, no RV. [Do you think that the actions of President Trump toward the Arab nations (especially Iraq) will have a negative impact on the RV of the Dinars?] Not at all, actually! I see positive things happening, not negative.

2-15-2017 Intel Guru Frank26 IMO…the UST put a ban on the USD inside of Iraq. That’s why it’s TIME’S UP! The USD is not to be used anymore for interior transactions…they are to use eDinars. IMO…all agencies have their hands off…everything is in the hands of Abadi and the CBI. It’s now time for Iraq to bring out the new rate…and I believe the time is now. We have never been to this phase before. Congratulations Iraq. Another 45,000 troops…not for Mosul…but to protect Iraq…POST MOSUL. Figure that one out! First time…we’ve ever seen this progress is ONLY waiting for the indicative rate…which has been missing for over 40 days now. Yes, Mr. Trump gave a beautiful speech about currencies…and value for value. The IMF recently that the US will pump-up the world’s economy. For the IMF to say that to the world…that is currency evolution. There is no rate on the UN Operational Rates chart. Yes, and that’s because there is no rate on Iraq’s spreadsheet. There is nothing random here…everything well orchestrated. I am expecting something. IMO … we are very close. TIME IS UP…LET’S ROLL!