Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 10-31-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 10-31-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions10-31-2018 Intel Guru RayRen98 Abdul Amir Taiban, deputy of the Fatah alliance, stated that the remaining 8 cabinet selectees will be voted and accepted at the next session of the House of Representatives.

10-31-2018 Intel Guru Bruce Here is where we are. You guys know that even though it seems that Iraq used to be the linch pin. Now they are sort of the hinge pin. Now China is the linch pin. China wants this thing done, and they have in essence moved this up a day or so for us. That is very positive…really good news. So let me tell you Iraq is in the picture though. …we are expecting all the rates of the main currencies that we…hold to come up on the screen around by midnight, by or before midnight [Tuesday]…The Dinar will have an in-country rate which is well over $4 now. Whatever it gets to in-country meaning the rate within Iraq, we will have a higher rate on our front screen than what they will have in-country. It could be almost doubled than what they have in-country in that range approximately. What is interesting is they are getting in preparation for everything to go. …You are in a very close and good place provided everything rolls according to plan, I think we are right there, right where we need to be.

10-30-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: “THE ECONOMIC COUNCIL STRESSES THE IMPORTANCE OF IRAQ’S TRANSITION TO THE FREE ECONOMY AND STRESSES: INVESTMENT IS THE SOLUTION” Quote: “THE INVESTMENT LAW IS THEORETICALLY MORE THAN GOOD, BUT OUR PROBLEM IS IN THE IMPLEMENTATION.” The question now is – Will they finally move too a market economy and private sector to attract investors under Mahdi or just talk about it again during this administration? This is also part of the reforms necessary to move forward. The CBI can not move ahead with the project to delete the zeros without these reforms implemented. This is also part of what they told us was a “more suitable environment” for the project to occur. So if you are expecting any RV in November or even in December I would not hold my breath…lol..!

10-30-2018 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan …with what we have learned from WS [Guru Walkingstick] the rate is going to be effectively in a range that is based on a mixture of the AMF / AAD and the IMF / SDR 3x. The latest loan issued by the AMF in summer of 2017 was around $4.25 – $4.35 / 1 AAD and the AMF / SDR $1.42 3x = $4.26 on the daily rate they use, if I am accurate. If they use the monthly rate of the SDR of approx. $1.95 3x = $5.85…All those numbers or ranges are easily supported by Iraq’s wealth. ioo…WS brought us the formula relatively recent time past. I trust his opinion on the matter somewhat knowing where and what his connection is and to whom. So the AMF / AAD – IMF / SDR 3x relationship meets that criteria and is competitive to surrounding nations in the AMF. ~ imo.

10-30-2018 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan WS also told us there would be a hard peg. That means to me/us/others they will come out strong and keep it there!! That will represent stability and security… Just what a new currency needs to have!! Therefore, coming out low could be rife with shorting, market manipulations as the lower the rate the easier it is to do so. Imo they will not ever be 1:1 with the dollar where we in the USA could sell the IQD back for. I/we/others have strong feelings about the rate being back to or well above the glory days. They have told us they wanted to do it at that level many times…The stronger they come out, the less risk the country has not to mention they’ll get imo a credit rating boost to go along with it…So, to me and others in my line of thinking support the view of WS, and my long standing point, “the longer it takes the more money we make.” Lol. We shall see… imo.

10-30-2018 Intel Guru Frank26 IRAQ: We are a trading HUB… on Nov. 4th, Washington DC told Iraq to Sanction Iran & All Foreign Currency …CBI Does not want worthless currency with no value…no swaps …no auctions…US has told Iraq to Sanction Iran…Iraq is sending a message to D.C., Fantasic 4, that they obey! …Iraq starts sanctions before Nov. 4th as commanded by those in control… ATM’s no longer disperse Foreign Currency…New ATM’s ONLY disperse IQD & soon a new category note…Iraq says our National Currency will soon have value and we will only use our National Currency, which will soon have value for the world!…As of today 4-6 Timeframe @ 3 week mark…TF is on track…furthermore in Frank’s opinion…before years end… what we should see in the remainder of TF should not be shocking because they are getting ready…they already told the citizens.