Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 1-1-2021

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 1-1-2021

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions1-1-2021 Newshound Guru Pimpy they’re already talking about the rate change again. Will it happen? I don’t know. It’s only talk…The World Bank wanted to increase the number of dinars per dollar and the Iraq central bank said no. They want to go in the opposite direction. They want to decrease the number of dinars you get for every dollar. So the World Bank wants to devalue the dinar more. The Central Bank…they want to increase the value of the dinar…I thought this change would be really quick, very temporary just so they can get the salaries paid. Get back on track and then go right back to changing the rate in the right direction. So that’s what looks like is happening fairly quickly. At least it’s being discussed…this is a good thing. A very good thing.

1-1-2021 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] [Is there an RV rate change?] We are not seeing a new rate in Iraq…they are announcing another rate change and their goal is to scare people…get you to throw in the towel and sell your currency…just like they did in Kuwait and China before their revaluations…this is the same thing Iraq did 3 previous times in the 1900’s…

1-1-2020 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Remember from previous years we are not yet dead on the idea that a reinstatement could happen in the first quarter until they open the budget without it happening…Let’s watch for the 2021 Iraqi budget passing and see what happens then. Also, we know this devaluation is costing jobs in Iraq and so it is counterproductive as to what they say they want to do – create more jobs and build up the economy. So, this tells us this devaluation is short-lived. Better things are coming for Iraq.

12-31-2020 Newshound Guru Mnt Goat Article: “THE DEVALUATION OF THE DINAR IS THE BEGINNING .. “PAINFUL” STEPS AND A DIFFICULT YEAR FOR THE IRAQIS” Yes, the devaluation is a necessary “painful step” . Like I said it is a step in the process and is being used as a means to an end.

12-31-2020 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan “TODAY’S AUCTION RESULTS…The results of the foreign currency sale window on Thursday 12/31/2020 and executed today 100,000 Total Cash Sale” Well folks I don’t know about you all, but, the auctions at $100,000 or even at $1.3 million is getting scarce, especially the former. Something BIG is about to happen.. DT even stated as such too… Fairly sure when things line up electronically, it will be big…Happy New Year to ALL!!!

12-31-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 I have not changed my mind. The Iraqi dinar is going through a monetary reform right now. We’re at the point right now that the tellers are done…and they’re preparing themselves to introduce the small category notes to the citizens of Iraq. It’s that simple.

12-31-2020 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] Iraq is announcing another decrease instead of an increase…the chatter in Iraq is that they expect to go up in rate sometime between now and the 6th of January. So there is great potential for a rate increase on the Dinar the first week of January.

12-31-2020 Newshound Guru Breitling It’s a policy based investment. If you’re watching the local markets in Iraq and trying to figure out where the value is coming from you’re never gonna get it because that’s not how they think in Iraq. That’s not the way they think in parliament, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning or the CBI. That’s not what they’re thinking. They’re thinking how do we keep the budget going with the U.S. dollar and at the same time how do we participate in other markets so we’re diversified and we’re not stuck in just the energy markets. They know the energy is going to go down period. Everybody knows this. Everybody is trying to get into different markets. Iraq is no different…they need to add value to their currency…

12-31-2020 Newshound Guru Adam Montana We don’t have an RV yet, but it isn’t hard to see this coming quickly. Rate change – done, overnight. A flick of the switch, and …the rate changed. It will happen just as suddenly when they shock the world with a quick move the other way.

12-31-2020 Intel Guru Bruce …we’ve got a week possibly from tonight before we actually do something with have our numbers and we set our appointments or we get our numbers Monday night and start Tuesday – there’s a possibility and we had it from an extremely high source – as high as you can get – in the banking world – that – that was the Monday/Tuesday thing…Now – what about the possibility of Mon/Tues – or Tues/Wed? I think it looks very good we should be there by then… that is what I’m hearing – passing on what it is that I’m getting…As far as Iraq is concerned – they are expecting to have another new rate – over the weekend – could start them on Sunday – their first business day – with a new budget – with a rate in the budget…the rate we were actually notified about was very strong – and just slightly below what Dr Shabbibi had predicted that the value of the Dinar to hold back in…2012…I believe we are in a good place to move forward and I’m excited because I think we’re finally coming to the end…

12-31-2021 Newshound Guru Pimpy Article “After the central bank was hit by a surprise… Iraq may move to change the dollar exchange rate”. But this time in the right direction! Not the other way around. We’re talking about increasing the value of the dinar against the U.S. dollar. You’ll see different articles conflicting with one another that’s why you can’t get too excited with good news and get too bummed out with bad news. Quote “as soon as the devaluation of the dinar against foreign currency especially the US dollar came into effect the peoples willingness to buy those currencies decreased which created an alarm for the Central Bank of Iraq .” If they’re going to increase it, this might be a good time…when you see the number of dinars decrease for every $1 that’s what we want. That’s good. That’s what we want to see.