Iraq will likely exit from Chapter VII in the coming period

Attorney charge likely exit from Iraq during the period subject to item VII coming Date: Wednesday, 25-04-2012 11: 06 am

Baghdad (newsletter) …Economy and Investment Committee Member said Parliamentary Deputy/National Alliance, charge/Faleh Iraq exit from huge item VII during the next few, after the return of bilateral relations between Iraq and Kuwait.

He said charge (News Agency news) on Wednesday: after repeated visits by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to some Arabic and foreign States that have reservations on the Iraq policy of the former regime that prompted Iraq to “perils” and military wars, especially the provinces of Kuwait State of normalization of political and economic relations sister return Iraq to its regional and international environment.

He said that these visits resulted in several things flowing for Iraq and its people, through the normalization of relations between Iraq and Kuwait and the return of common interests between the two countries in all fields, especially after our Arab brothers in the embrace of Baghdad Arabic Summit, these are all signs of good in the near future to raise Iraq from under item VII and grant full sovereignty and freedom in the disposition of his assets.

President Saddam Hussein ordered the invasion of Kuwait in 1990, on the impact of sanctions imposed on Iraq by the international community and development under item 7 which makes him a threat to global peace and security.

The sanctions included a ban of importation of chemicals and nuclear technology that might be used in clandestine programmes of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, the United Nations has allowed in 1995 for Iraq to sell oil in exchange for obtaining food, the so-called “oil for food” programme No. 986.