Iraq warns of collapse of the situation in Iraq in the event of continued “silence” on the corrupt government

Monday, 14 May 2012

Sumerian News / Baghdad 
warned the Iraqi List, Monday, the collapse of the situation in Iraq if the government continued silence on the spoilers for political purposes, and when he said that does not solve the crises and the protection of corrupt maneuver, she noted that the spoilers have become influential in the political decision.
The adviser said the Iraqi List, Hani Ashour said in a statement issued today, and received “Alsumaria News”, a copy of it, “The political crisis has become a cover for rampant corruption in state institutions,” warning that “the government’s silence on the spoilers for political reasons and to gain the trust of some of the blocks or subdivided based on some spoilers will lead to the collapse of the situation in Iraq. ” said Ashour, that “the crisis can not be solved maneuver in the protection of corrupt contrary to Islam and the constitution, ethics and values,” adding that “spoilers penetrated and became influential in the political decision.” added Ashour that “silence government on their files and their attempts to sabotage the economy is active in the political crises to appease them to achieve some of the maneuvers for political, “pointing out that” the government’s silence on the spoilers makes it more vulnerable to criticism and defamation and the formation of public opinion against it. ” and Ashour stressed that “the people waiting for hit the spoilers rather than preoccupation with political conflicts and scalable partners because the spoilers is the scourge of Iraq who must marginalization and exclusion after he stole the food the people and ensure that future generations, “noting that” the Iraqis did not benefit from the country’s revenue, which exceeded all that he got Iraq over the decades is still pathogenic, unemployment, housing crisis and poor services is the image that control the Iraqi scene. “and the student advisor of the Iraqi List to “change those conditions as soon as possible by hitting the spoilers on their hands and punish them after that unfolded their files in the ministries of the state.” and described the British Foreign Office in (4 May 2012), status of the judiciary and the rule of law in Iraq and the spread of corruption in which he “too worrying,” and considered that Iraq suffers from major problems to be addressed, pointing out that the political tensions hinder progress in respect for human rights. The annual report of Transparency International in 2011, which included three countries Arab countries ten “most corrupt” in the world, Somalia, Iraq and Sudan, while considered Qatar and the UAE, Oman, the least corrupt among the Arab countries, also showed that Somalia topped the most corrupt countries was followed by Afghanistan, Myanmar, Iraq, Sudan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Chad, Burundi and Angola. The report showed that countries with internal conflicts, tormented by rampant corruption, away from any control, and from which to plunder the natural wealth of the country, and loss of security, violation of laws.