Iraq starts exporting oil from the new port

Iraq starts exporting oil from the new port in ten days

07/02/2012 17:09

Ministry of Oil







Erbil, February 7 (Rn) – The Southern Oil Company, owned by the state on Tuesday that Iraq will begin to download the raw of the first new port for the export of oil south of the country within ten days. Iraq plans to implement the expansion at a cost of $ 1.3 billion to export facilities in the port of Basra on the Gulf include pipelines under the sea and under the ground and float to establish a single to load the tankers in light of efforts to rebuild the sector after years of war. quoted “Reuters” Faisal Khalaf, deputy director of the Southern Oil Company as saying that “Iraq will begin to load crude from the beginning of a new port to export oil Gulf within ten days after delaying the bad weather and technical problems start. ” It was scheduled to open the port first in January but the date was postponed to the end of the pipe joints and testing sectors, land and sea. When he was asked back for the date of commencement of export of the first buoy to establish a single he replied: “Maybe in a week or ten days.” Iraq produces about three million barrels of oil per day while the exports in the last year 2.165 million barrels per day on average is expected that the volume of exports this year, 2.5 million barrels per day, on average, according to government data. and Iraq is a member OPEC has the fourth-largest oil reserves in the world, and entered into agreements with international energy companies to raise production to 12 million barrels per day by 2017. Open: Abdullah Sabri