Iraq: Maliki to resign if the violence did not stop

23/02/2012 13:08

Explosion Erbil, February 23 (Rn) – The Iraqi National List led by Iyad Allawi on Thursday that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to resign if you do not stop the “bleeding”. and killed about 50 people at least and wounding dozens in a series of attacks in different parts of Iraq were concentrated mostly in the Baghdad. These attacks come after a day of warning al-Maliki that 

al-Qaeda fighters continue to draw their plans to launch attacks in the area south of Baghdad, which was known by the name of the “triangle of death.” 
said a spokeswoman for the coalition in Iraq Maysoon al in a statement distributed to reporters by e-mail mass “with the Iraqi government and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces (Nuri al-Maliki) full responsibility in maintaining the blood of the Iraqi people and stop the bloodshed.” The attacks came while the authorities complete the Iraqi preparations for the convening of the next Arab summit on 29 March in Baghdad. did not adopt any third attacks today.Note that al-Qaeda in Iraq had previously adopted similar attacks including the murder of 60 Iraqis in a series of bombings of Baghdad on 22 December. The Damluji in its statement, “In case of deficit (the Maliki government), it shall submit its resignation and the likes of the House to mandate a government capable of response to the terrorists and establish security and stability in Iraq. ” Iraq has been since the fall of the former regime, the spring of 2003, almost daily violence has killed tens of thousands despite the decline in the level of violence and casualties during the recent period. Open: Murtaza Yousuf