Iraq launches the official logo for the Baghdad summit

Monday, March 12 / March 2012 10:50

[Baghdad – where]

Iraq fired and officially logo the Conference of the Arab summit in Baghdad Twenty-third session / 2012.

He called the Council of Ministers said in a statement today and the media to be adopted in all media activities for the Arab summit.

The logo is Bsaftin Mtaangtin inside them and inform the Arab countries in engineering in the form of a bird head at the same time parents and a letter symbol to the first character of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

This edition of the Arab summit will be held 23 in Baghdad, the end of the current month of March, while the Iraqi government announced attendance for directing calls for all Arab countries except Syria, “attributed” to the decision to post the last link in the summit of the Arab League. “

The State Department announced an agreement and the Arab foreign ministers on the agenda of the Arab summit meeting on the impact of the Arab League Council at the ministerial level on the first Saturday in the Arab League headquarters in Cairo.

It is noteworthy that Iraq, which allocated $ 300 million to host the next summit, he had hosted the summit twice, its session ninth in 1978 and that decided to boycott companies and organizations operating in Egypt that deal directly with Israel, and not to approve the Camp David, and the second its second session in 1990, which saw major differences between Iraq and Kuwait and United Arab Emirates and the subsequent occupation of Kuwait by Iraq and the outbreak of the Second Gulf War in 1991.

The recent Arab summit held in Libya in March 2010, has made a decision to hold the next summit in Iraq despite the fact that the Protocol in force in the Arab League approved to host summits in alphabetical order, where he was supposed to be held the previous summit in Baghdad, according to this rule, but It was held in Sirte, Libya, because of security concerns in Iraq, which give up hosting the summit of Libya but the Baghdad summit, which was scheduled last year was postponed to this year Bcesp the turmoil in the Arab countries in the so-called Arab spring. ende