Iranian official: Israel risked its security if it attacked Iran

Wednesday, 07 March / March 2012 16:01

Chairman of Committee for National Security and Foreign Policy in the Iranian Parliament, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, said that Tel Aviv is very Stagamr its security, if they directed the United States and Israel military strike against Iran.

“It would be an attack on Iran a serious threat to the system [Zionist] and the Israelis will feel the results of such a move, today we are more powerful in terms of military capabilities, if they do so, Israel will bear heavy losses.”

The previously announced U.S. President Barack Obama that “if necessary, will give orders to the U.S. forces to strike Iran’s nuclear sites, if Iran did not abandon all attempts to produce nuclear weapons.

He said U.S. President in a press statement that “Iran’s nuclear program constitutes a major threat to the United States of America, Washington, and will not bear it.”

For his part, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, who visited the U.S. recently, “The government insists on preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.” Ended