Iran: a military strike will lead to “collapse” of Israel

25/02/2012 15:22

Erbil, February 25 (Rn) – The Iranian defense minister on Saturday, that Israel “on the verge of disintegration,” and that a military strike would “lead to the collapse of the” Jewish state, according to the TV run by the state. said Brigadier General Ahmad Wahidi said an Israeli military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities would lead to “collapse” of the Jewish state and that “the Zionist regime on the verge of disintegration, since any military attack by him will no doubt to the collapse of this system.” As the relocation of Iranian state television. and Site Description “statements by Israeli officials about launching an attack against Iran Balsakharh.” According to a report of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that Iran has not disclosed yet disparities in the amounts of uranium in the site research in Tehran after it did not match the measurements conducted by inspectors last year’s amount which were measured 19.8 kg which is much less than that measured by the laboratory. in United States expresses its concern at the possibility of converting uranium for use in research activity related to making weapons. experts say that such a quantity of natural uranium is not enough to make a nuclear bomb, but the metal can be be relevant to weapons tests. The report, issued by the Member States of the IAEA on the evening of Friday, “The paradox still needs to be clarified.”  LLC