International meetings suggest Iraq suitable for investment

Baghdad (News) …/Report/dreams/friji also reported large meetings hosted by broken Iraq recently stalled Western investment and Arabic in the country.

Where Arabic and gave Summit meeting (5 + 1) and the Arab journalists and others, the impression that security conditions have improved in Iraq, what attracted the attention of Arabic and foreign States for investment.

Accordingly, the economic analyst Abdel Latif Salem (News Agency news): this meeting has strengthened the stability of Iraq and made Arabic States and foreign review accounts and trying to pump their money and investment, encouraged by the Central Bank, which initiated some laws that facilitate the work of the investors and facilitate opening branches for all global banks in Iraq.

The Economist Salim Al-Bayati: Iraqi environment suitable for investment, global companies always looking for good ports and markets for investment, there is evidence of large meetings ahadantha of Baghdad.

His advisor Board of the North Bank for investment and finance NAFI Elias Abbou (News Agency news): the increasing foreign investment and global banks are working with Iraqi counterparts, all thanks to the security improvement evident after hosting the Summit of Baghdad and subsequent meetings.

And also contributed to the revival of the movement in the country, laws which facilitated investment and gave the right of States and foreign Arabic bit ASIS private banks and by (100%) or the participation of Iraqi banks or open branches in Iraq to bring benefits and good technology and advanced client banks in accordance with modern banking systems and sophisticated means of communication.

Often a security barrier to the advent of concern to Iraq, bounties and investment opportunity of the country a lot, it isn’t attractive, tight security conditions, but this look monotonous still having embraced Iraq Arabic Summit and meetings (5 + 1) regarding Iran’s nuclear and other activities, and noted that the situation in Iraq can companies satisfactory conditions of labour entering