In confirmation of Shafaq News.. Al-Sudani announces the recovery of stolen equipment and devices from the Baiji refinery

In confirmation of Shafaq News.. Al-Sudani announces the recovery of stolen equipment and devices from the Baiji refinery

2023-08-16 06:10

In confirmation of Shafaq News.. Al-Sudani announces the recovery of stolen equipment and devices from the Baiji refineryShafaq News/ The Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani, confirmed today, Wednesday, what was reported by Shafaq News Agency, regarding the recovery of stolen equipment and devices from the Baiji refinery in Salah al-Din Governorate.

This came during his meeting with the sheikhs and notables of the Baiji district in Salah al-Din Governorate, in the presence of; The Minister of Electricity, the Governor of Salah al-Din, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Energy Committee, and members of Parliament for the governorate, during his visit to the district, which he arrived this morning.

Al-Sudani pointed out the importance and privacy of the Baiji district, as it was subjected to the control of the terrorist gangs of ISIS, and suffered from blind terrorism that destroyed and vandalized all important sites and facilities, and cast a shadow on the living and economic situation, stressing that the district includes important economic facilities for all of Iraq, which makes it possible to convert it to An important economic location in terms of oil installations, power stations and industrial cities, which fall within the government’s plans, programs and strategic objectives.

He announced, during the meeting, that the sincere efforts helped the government to recover the materials and equipment stolen from the Baiji refinery that caused its disruption, which are materials, equipment and articulated devices that can cost us millions of dollars. His design energy, which will make us self-sufficient in the issue of oil derivatives, referring to the cooperation of a citizen who announced his willingness to contribute to the recovery of materials, the load of which may reach 100 trucks.

The following are the most important things that came in the speech of the Prime Minister:

Baiji district includes important economic facilities for all of Iraq, and turning it into an important economic location, in terms of oil facilities, power stations and industrial cities, represents a strategic goal for the government.

The city of Baiji represents an important node between the governorates of Kirkuk, Anbar and Mosul, and the center of Salahuddin.

We have recovered, after sincere efforts by official and unofficial bodies, the equipment, supplies and devices stolen from the Baiji refinery, which represents a large percentage of what this important site needs.

One of the citizens took the initiative to help recover these materials, whose load is estimated at 60 trucks, and may reach 100.

The equipment is articulated devices that can cost us millions of dollars, and if we order them, it will take years to manufacture them, and today they are on site.

The security services worked to secure the arrival of equipment from the Kurdistan region to its location in the refinery.

We consider this step as a good omen for the completion of the rehabilitation of this important site, and we are on a close date to operate the refinery with its design capacity (150) thousand barrels per day.

The operation of the refinery will close the door to importing oil derivatives for all of Iraq, in addition to the refineries that have been completed recently.

We directed that a meeting be held for the concerned authorities to determine the required powers and define projects, and that all be completed in one period.

We visited the Baiji thermal station, the first gas station, and the second gas station, and we previously negotiated with Siemens and agreed to re-project the second Baiji gas station, which is now within the 2023 plan, up to 1014 megawatts. We have continuous negotiations with the Qatari company regarding the Baiji thermal station, and we signed a memorandum of understanding with it during the recent visit of the Emir of Qatar, and we are close to the agreement in the form of investment.

The station’s production will reach 1,320 megawatts in the first phase, and will reach 2,100.

We visited the stalled Al-Fatah Bridge project, as a result of some of the approvals that were decided today, whether in the matter of spare parts or advances; To start work, and more than one meal per day.

We visited the sewage treatment plant, the project is complete, well implemented, and it represents, together with the network, 65% of the city’s services.

We directed the Ministry of Planning to add allocations for the implementation of a treatment plant and networks for the second part, to be completed in the district center by 100%, at a cost of 99 billion dinars.

The government, since its early days, affirms the principle of providing service to the citizen, and all our activities are related to services; Because it is a popular and important demand, and it is long overdue.

There is a delay in implementing projects due to routine, whether at the ministries or governorates level, but the lesson is to address these negatives and overcome them, and it is not difficult for a country that has the resources and the decision.

We seek to improve the economic reality, and we still have natural resources that have not been invested, and the city of Baiji is a strategic economic site project.

Salah Al-Din Governorate planted 35% of the available areas through sprinkler irrigation, or through wells, and marketed wheat exceeded 900 thousand tons.

Terrorism today is just terrified elements that hide in burrows and caves, and they are being chased by our sons in the security services.

Earlier, an informed government source stated that Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani will announce during his current visit to Baiji district that the materials stolen from its oil refineries will be returned.

The director of the Baiji refinery, northwest of Salah al-Din, Adnan Muhammad Hammoud told Shafaq News agency that al-Sudani returned the stolen equipment during the war with ISIS, and inspected several pioneering projects to restore the refinery to regional prominence.

Hammoud also said that Al-Sudani inspected a number of oil derivatives facilities and pioneering reconstruction projects in the refinery to increase production and local sufficiency of oil derivatives throughout the country.

Hammoud indicated that the Prime Minister promised that the Baiji refinery, with all its units, would return to the regional leadership in the production of oil derivatives, and that all problems and obstacles facing large reconstruction projects in the refinery would be overcome.