Hours after the election and assignment… Will the framework spoil the “Save the Homeland” session and end the life of Parliament?

Hours after the election and assignment… Will the framework spoil the “Save the Homeland” session and end the life of Parliament?

2022-03-25 08:55

Hours after the election and assignment... Will the framework spoil the Save the Homeland session and end the life of ParliamentShafak News / A few hours separate from the parliament session scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday afternoon. The negotiations have stopped, except for the “independent MPs” who still have not weighed one hand at the expense of the other, a session in which many gains if achieved, and which have more consequences if not held.

Even with the session imminent, the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, is still maneuvering the independents in order to attend tomorrow’s session, and to complete the quorum even if they did not vote, in order to ensure that they are not counted within the blocking third, which the coordinating framework and its allies seek to achieve.

It is scheduled to hold the Iraqi parliament, tomorrow, Saturday, a regular session, which was included in its agenda, to vote on choosing a new president for the country.

Last Wednesday, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Sadrist bloc and the Sovereignty Alliance announced the formation of the Parliamentary “Save the Homeland” coalition, while they presented “Reber Ahmed” as a candidate for the post of President of the Republic and “Jaafar Muhammad al-Sadr” for prime minister.

Despite the foregoing, the parliamentary leaders of the “Save the Homeland” coalition confirm that the parliament session scheduled for tomorrow will be held with a full quorum, and there are more than 220 deputies who will attend the session.

The representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Mahma Khalil, suggested the occurrence of variables that “increase the quorum available according to agreements and meetings of the last hours”, between his alliance and other forces and representatives.

Khalil explained, during his speech to Shafaq News Agency, that “the evidence indicates that a quorum was achieved and the election of the presidents of the republic and ministers was decided according to the constitutional and legal contexts, and there are no problems that change the results of the parliament session tomorrow, which will decide the two positions together.”

With the same perceptions and assurances, the statements of the representative of the Sovereignty Coalition affiliated with the “Save the Homeland” coalition, Nawras Al-Issa, came during her speech to the agency, confirming the progress of her great alliance to resolve the positions of the presidents of the republic and the ministers, amid optimism about the success of the parliament session and moving forward to complete the formation of the government.

In turn, the head of the Sadrist bloc, Hassan al-Adhari, enumerated the fruits of the parliament session scheduled for tomorrow, by saying that through this session, the Iraqi government will be formed by a free Iraqi decision and will for the first time, in addition to approving the 2022 budget, and removing the country from an expected economic crisis, as The approval of the country’s service and infrastructure projects, the approval of projects and laws that are submitted from the government to the House of Representatives, and the activation of the parliament’s oversight role over the government will be expedited, in addition to parliament members exercising their parliamentary role through the formation of committees and parliament sessions.

On the contrary, the representative of the state of law that falls within the coordinating framework, Muhammad al-Sihoud, ruled out the holding of tomorrow’s session with a full quorum that secures the election of the presidents of the republic and ministers, and he also questioned the achievement of the constitutional quorum for electing the president of the republic, which amounts to 220 deputies.

Chihoud told Shafaq News Agency: “We have 130 deputies within the coordination framework, and they are able to disrupt the parliament session scheduled for tomorrow, and disrupt the election of the presidency and the government within a tripartite alliance without the alliance of all parliamentary forces, in order to avoid a repeat of the 2018 scenario and the loss of the compass of the largest bloc.”

Chihod added, “The position of the framework calls for a parliamentary alliance of all forces without specific parties to form a strong government capable of bearing national responsibilities and entitlements,” praising the key to this “alliance of Shiite forces and understandings between them, to solve all problems and remove political obstacles to complete the formation of the next government.”

The representative of the coordination framework concluded by saying: “We want a government that corrects the wrong political paths, not a government that passes away from the aspirations of the people of all stripes and components.”