Government: zeros of the Iraqi dinar remain until further notice


Iraqi government decided to dismiss the deletion of three zeros from the national currency. She noted the Department of Cabinet Affairs in a brief statement that the decision requires to stay the proceedings relating to the operation until further notice. The cabinet took this decision based on what presented to the Economic Affairs Committee.  The Central Bank of Iraq announced in August last year that he plans to delete the zeros in order to facilitate financial transactions and that the proposed bank to restructure the Iraqi dinar is awaiting approval of …Parliament.  and the Reuters news agency quoted the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords that the Economic Committee discussed this issue as well as the Council of Ministers and that there is likely to cause the process of deleting the zeros of some problems in the economic situation as well as the operation was so great that the Government considers that the circumstances are not suitable for the feet of them. Radio Free Iraq met with the Deputy Governor of Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, who He confirmed that the patient in the deletion of zeros does not mean to keep it indefinitely because of the consensus official and public on the need to delete it in the end. explained Mohammed Saleh, said that the reason to wait to delete the zeros is the unwillingness of destinations such as the Ministry of Finance and the Office of Financial Supervision of the project such a large extend from official circles through the programs the computer to his small shop. and warned the deputy governor of the central bank to cancel the project to delete the zeros or postpone it for a long time, expressing at the same time expressed his appreciation to the government’s decision because of current economic conditions. member of the drafters of Finance in the House of Representatives Najiba Najib pointed out that Iraq is a political crisis and other economic because of Iqbal Iran and Syria on the dollar market of Iraq to mitigate the effects of the economic blockade on them. But President Economic Information Center non-governmental Dargham Muhammad Ali saw that the deletion of zeros from the national currency is not related to the high demand for the dollar and the falling exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar. expressed a professor of economics at the University of Mustansiriya Abdul Rahman al-Mashhadani surprise at the government had backtracked on the restructuring of the Iraqi dinar, especially as it is proposed that the central bank Zllk five years ago. estimated the size of the money supply in Iraq is more than 30 trillion Iraqi dinars. And was scheduled to facilitate the transfer of the banknote trading category thousand dinars to one dinar without losing something of value.contributed in the file Radio Free Iraq correspondent in Baghdad, Mohammad Karim