GOI involves the private sector in the preparation of economic bills

30/06/2012 0:00

Step for effective development

facing new laws and legislations problems in the application as it is consistent with the requirements of phase change, and this description applies well to most of the economic legislation and laws, in particular, as the face objections and claims adjustments repeated by the relevant authorities, which is linked to its work in this law or that the legislation and these reasons were behind the delay needed reforms.

He specialized experts that the bills should be sung in the discussions and offer full transparency to stakeholders and beneficiaries in order to come out an integrated and consistent with the objectives behind the legislation, and as a result, the government resorted to private sector involvement in the committees that ensure the process of preparation of draft laws relevant economic requirements of a successful transition to a market economy.

In this regard, speaking for the morning a number of private sector representatives who are nominated for the representation of the private sector in the Economic Commission of the Council of Ministers which expressed their thanks and gratitude this achieved, which they saw as a great and important and historically at this stage .

came talk on the sidelines of a joint meeting between the Economic Council of Ministers and representatives of the private sector in the Joint Committee and the first speaker is the President of National Business Council Ibrahim al-Baghdadi, who described the decision Paljre and significant as the development of the private sector in the record straight.

Baghdadi pointed out that the economic decisions that were initiated lacking to the side of the field that is, they did not take into account the views of stakeholders are the public and the private sector to represent them and not how you think the private sector to implement the decision of the Ainsjm and aspirations and therefore will reflect the effects of that decision negatively on the citizen, and that the private sector, who runs the actual market movement is Adre or nearest the requirements of his success so the private sector involvement in the committees to prepare draft laws important has turned the Economic Commission to this aspect, even if recently came to its decision to mature, which will contribute to accelerating economic reforms, also wants the Iraqi constitution will be the new decisions in light of this situation sound decisions for Aiatred them and check the desired goal from behind the change is expected.

He expressed the hope that realizes all the workers in the private sector the importance of this event and work on his success and be the level of this historic responsibility in the selection of the new road and the task to be undertaken by the private sector.

the other speaker is the Executive Director of the Association of private banks in Iraq Abdulaziz, Hassoun, who stressed the importance of these committees that are looking at the general framework of the economy was each point of asking her suffering in the hope of obtaining gains timely and private, and work of this committee in a spirit of team work one to come to its desired results and to serve the public interest and the private sector, describing the decision of the Commission Economic Council of Ministers this decision the proper and right on the road to the success of subsequent steps in the development of a roadmap paved for the development of the strategic development of the private sector and reflect the true partnership between the public and private sectors on the road to building the new Iraq and sustainable development.

As for the other speaker, Vice President of the Council Abbas Shamara, which indicated to the importance of such commissions to go to address the economic problems, according to production and service sectors, where it can stand at the determinants of the real confuse the reality of working in Iraq and asked the logical solutions have the beneficiaries of the presence of bodies of legislative and executive branches on the same table to come out with recommendations serve the development process, and pointed to the importance trend towards electric power projects and stand at the kinks that led to the deterioration of production and lack of advancement of the production and processing of citizens and enterprises do its electric power, and pointed out that the different worksheets will be discussed within the Committee for all sectors are presented realistic solutions to those problems by the private sector, which tracks all sectors are accurate and has a vision based on the experiences that can be used to create solutions lead the Iraqi economy, the righteousness of safety.

Meanwhile, a Jafar star Abdullah president of the Federation of Baghdad associations peasant: that these meetings we find a step in the right way to deal with sectoral problems, especially as the calls of the Union for years calling for the need to sit around a round table involving the private sector and government agencies to find out the low output, and means of dealing with scientific methods that world has ever seen as well as the adoption of the marketing policies fit the volume of production and are encouraging an audience of farmers to invest in larger areas during the coming seasons, pointing out that the solutions must be integrated to the agricultural sector does not go the solution towards the detailed production and leave the marketing and here are exposed farm losses to double lead to results not serve the sector agriculture in the country. He added that the country has the potential of promoting the agricultural sector, both plant and animal, which is a resource always Aanill, but here highlights the need for agricultural policy rationally put the sector on the right track, which will benefit and the benefit to the local economy and provides large amounts of money go for the import of agricultural crops from outside the country.

It should be noted that the Economic Committee in the Council of Ministers headed by the Deputy Prime Minister and its membership includes a number of ministers and senior officials have decided to form a committee representing the private sector to involve them in discussing and drafting of economic laws have been held several meetings for this purpose and under the supervision of Ahaddalmadra two years in the preparation for the unification of the working papers to be provided by members of the committee in order to develop a strategy to develop the private sector, where the Director-General chose to leave the talk to members of the committee and full transparency in order to Athemen government agencies to talk.